Thurstonland Saint Thomas Burials PDF


Arranged Alphabetically, including Storthes Hall Hospital Patients from 1905.

The Storthes Hall Hospital connection

Also known as Storthes Hall Asylum, Storthes Hall Mental Hospital and, more recently, North Spring House, the hospital was in the parish of Thurstonland and many burials (circa 2000) of
former patients of the hospital have taken place in this graveyard. The first recorded burial of a Storthes Hall patient was in December 1905. The majority of these burials are in unmarked
graves, both to the north side of the church and in a graveyard extension to the west of the church.

Whilst the lack of detailed records prevents the precise location of these graves, it may be helpful to family historians to have some guide as to the graveyard in which their relations are buried.

The burial register includes the signature (not always readily legible!) of the Officiating Minister. Many of these signatures include a note of the signatory’s office. This shows that, as well as burials officiated over by officials of the Established Church, many Non Conformist and Catholic burials have also taken place in the Thurstonland Parish Church graveyard.
This booklet includes a code under the ‘Off.’ column which, when found in the ‘Officals’ list at the back of the booklet gives more information about the official who performed the burial service.

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