The Society is active in telling people about what we do. This comes about through different kinds of meetings and presentations.

Zoom meetings are hosted regularly, either with a speaker and open to the wider public, or smaller, members-only Question and Answer sessions that get in to more detail on family history research topics. The Zoom approach, as for many societies, came to the fore during ht elockdown and pandemic period and it has grown in popularity because it allows us to better serve our international members. There is strong engagement from members around the world, even given the challenges of being in different time zones.

Have materials, will travel. That could be the motto of our volunteers who take the Society on the road. We participate in relatively small, community-scale events in the Kirklees areas, bringing a local and family history perspective to the occasion. We also participate in larger family history fairs such as the Family History Show in York, events organised by like-minded groups such as the Sheffield Family History Society and other institutions, such as U3A events.

Last but certainly not least, we host our own, annual family history fair. This brings together exhibitors, speakers and commercial outlets, something for all the family.

You can find more details of our forthcoming events on the two drop-down elements in the menu. You can also contact the Secretary, through our contact form, if you have any specific questions.