Ancestral Tourism

We offer a service to both members and non-members if you are considering a visit to the Huddersfield area from further afield to research your ancestors. This might be an overseas visit which is planned for several months ahead or just a short visit from elsewhere in the UK.

We will be happy to plan an itinerary to relevant locations and do some preliminary research in relation to churches, areas where your ancestors lived, or particularly places of interest linked to their employment or social life.

This can be tailored to your requirements and a researcher can be available to accompany you around your ancestral locations if you wish.

We ask for a donation to the Society which can be discussed with our researcher prior to your visit. If you are interested please get in touch with our Secretary:

The map above shows part of Meltham from a small section of an Ordnance Survey map surveyed in 1891 and published in 1892. The scale is 25 inches to 1 mile. It is reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland (NLS). These maps are a useful source of information for old place names and the NLS site is well worth a visit, go to

Ancestral Tourism – Beaumont

We recently welcomed Robbie Beaumont from Canada. Our researcher had discovered that Robbie’s ancestors were cottage weavers in Farnley Hey & Upperthong. Robbie and the researcher visited Upperthong Church where his great-grandfather Sam Beaumont got married, before they emigrated to Canada and we also showed Robbie some family graves. For textile history we went to the Colne Valley Museum and of course the pub, the Beaumont Arms! Robbie was fascinated that there are so many Beaumont connections in the Huddersfield area.

One comment on our Facebook posting for Robbie’s visit that made us smile – “It’s like Who Do You Think You Are for non-famous people”