GR – Places of Kirkheaton & District by George Redmonds


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Places of Kirkheaton & District, including Dalton, Whitley, Lepton, Denby and Grange Moor.

by George Redmonds, published by David Shore 2005

The place-name of Kirkheaton has different layers of meaning. For some it refers to the nucleus of old buildings at the bottom of Town Road and includes the new housing estates that spread up the hill. In some ways this 'village seems distinct from Upper Heaton, the small hilltop community that overlooks Colne Bridge, and yet they are both part of the historic settlement made by Anglian farmers, well over one thousand years ago. That territory would be known as Heaton township and within its boundaries are the 'forgotten' farms and hamlets on the north-eastern side of the watershed, close neighbours of Mirfield.

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