Mi Project Graveyard Survey

Project requirements based on Longwood St Marks.

1) Location map


Longwood, St Marks

A larger map (.pdf file) can be downloaded by clicking: Longwood_St_Marks_location_map

The index cards for Longwood are in two batches, A & B. Presumably these fit the two major areas either side of Longwood Gate.


2) Graveyard Plan

Does the church authority have one? Perhaps an approach via Church Wardens or the vicar will be useful.

Can we have a copy? Permission to photograph the plan may be a practical way forward.

If no plan is available it will be necessary to construct one with graves relatively accurately related to each other.

The aim is to create a plan suitable for our purposes i.e to enable users of the project output to locate graves with inscriptions relatively easily.

3) Add Inscription Numbers to the plan

Using either the index card scans, or if the project has progressed far enough, a proof copy of the resulting booklet, match an inscription from the data to a grave and mark the plan with the number in the correct location.

The initial batch of scans for Longwood ‘A’ is here

This is also the opportunity to check the transcription against the original inscription

4) Produce a completed copy of the plan suitable for inclusion in the booklet.


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