The Society has published a number of booklets of Memorial Inscriptions for some locations and has more Inscriptions in the Society database. There are also some online records.

Your ancestor’s details may well be included in a Memorial Inscription. Select from the table below to check out the index. Tables include a search box which can be used to refine the search results. E.g enter ‘Smith’ and several pages of results may be offered. This can be further refined by extending the search term. E.g. ‘Smith Alb’ will reduce the list to all ‘Smith, Alberts’ or any other given name containing ‘Alb’.

Data are being added to the table as they become available so please revisit occasionally.

Hepworth Wesleyan & Holy Trinity, Netherthong All Saints and Thurstonland St ThomasClick here for MI Index
Denby St JohnClick here for MI Index
Bradley St Thomas & Huddersfield St PeterClick here for MI Index