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Bradley St Thomas and Huddersfield St Peter MIs

SurnameGiven NameYear DiedLocationData Source
BoothJohn1822Huddersfield St Peter
HayleyElizabeth1786Huddersfield St Peter
HayleyJames1823Huddersfield St Peter
HayleyMartha1825Huddersfield St Peter
HayleyMary1788Huddersfield St Peter
HayleyMary Ann 1797Huddersfield St Peter
HayleyAbraham1808Huddersfield St Peter
HayleyHenry1808Huddersfield St Peter
HayleyGeorge1808Huddersfield St Peter
HayleyCharlotte1821Huddersfield St Peter
HayleyJoseph1822Huddersfield St Peter
HellawellHannah1791Huddersfield St Peter
HellawellJohn1798Huddersfield St Peter
HellawellLewis1792Huddersfield St Peter
HellawellMary1816Huddersfield St Peter
HellawellAnn1826Huddersfield St Peter
HellawellHannah1826Huddersfield St Peter
HellawellSusannah1882Huddersfield St Peter
Hellawell jnr John1844Huddersfield St Peter
DysonJohn1776Huddersfield St Peter
DysonJohn1799Huddersfield St Peter
DysonWilliam1791Huddersfield St Peter
DysonRachael1771Huddersfield St Peter
DysonRachel1795Huddersfield St Peter
HellawellWilliam1791Huddersfield St Peter
HellawellHannah1817Huddersfield St Peter
HellawellWilliam1808Huddersfield St Peter
HellawellJames1826Huddersfield St Peter
HaighWHuddersfield St Peter
HowarthMary1760Huddersfield St Peter
HowarthMary1759Huddersfield St Peter
HowarthJonathan1778Huddersfield St Peter
W??Francis1783Huddersfield St Peter
HowarthHannah1785Huddersfield St Peter
HaighMatthew1801Huddersfield St Peter
HaighSarahHuddersfield St Peter
HaighMariaHuddersfield St Peter
HaighJohn1815Huddersfield St Peter
HaighIsaac1835Huddersfield St Peter
BeaumontEdward1795Huddersfield St Peter
BeaumontElizabeth1789Huddersfield St Peter
AtkinsonEdward1806Huddersfield St Peter
AtkinsonElizabeth1834Huddersfield St Peter
HellawellJohn1790Huddersfield St Peter
HellawellHannah1766Huddersfield St Peter
HaighBetty1816Huddersfield St Peter
HayleyEliza Ann 1827Huddersfield St Peter
HayleyMary Ann ????Huddersfield St Peter
HayleyCharlotte1827Huddersfield St Peter
HayleyHenrietta1844Huddersfield St Peter
SeniorSarah1839Huddersfield St Peter
CowellElizabeth1848Huddersfield St Peter
DysonAnn1769Huddersfield St Peter
CleggJoshua1777Huddersfield St Peter
CleggJoshua1808Huddersfield St Peter
CleggLydia1785Huddersfield St Peter
CleggMary1789Huddersfield St Peter
CleggMartha1790Huddersfield St Peter
CleggElizabeth1798Huddersfield St Peter
CleggSamuel1888Huddersfield St Peter
CleggJames1798Huddersfield St Peter
IredaleRichard1788Huddersfield St Peter
IredaleSarah1798Huddersfield St Peter
LeechHenry1816Huddersfield St Peter
LeechJames1828Huddersfield St Peter
LeechHannah1852Huddersfield St Peter
LeechMartha1824Huddersfield St Peter
LeeWilliam1812Huddersfield St Peter
LeechWalker1849Huddersfield St Peter
LeechJames1874Huddersfield St Peter
BuckleyAnn1813Huddersfield St Peter
BuckleyJohn1824Huddersfield St Peter
IredaleJonathan17??Huddersfield St Peter
IredaleDorothy178?Huddersfield St Peter
IredaleJohn1780Huddersfield St Peter
IredaleJohn1754Huddersfield St Peter
IredaleHannah1769Huddersfield St Peter
IredaleJohn1762Huddersfield St Peter
HodgsonSusannah1760Huddersfield St Peter
NewhouseThree sons and daughters Huddersfield St Peter
HellawellJoseph1792Huddersfield St Peter
HellawellJames1795Huddersfield St Peter
SingletonBenjamin1826Huddersfield St Peter
TomlinsonWilliam1775Huddersfield St Peter
TomlinsonJohn1788Huddersfield St Peter
TomlinsonSusannah1799Huddersfield St Peter
TomlinsonJane1809Huddersfield St Peter
WalkerSally1812Huddersfield St Peter
WalkerJoseph Tomlinson 1815Huddersfield St Peter
TomlinsonJohn1825Huddersfield St Peter
EwartMartha1843Huddersfield St Peter
EwartRichard1844Huddersfield St Peter
CampbellMary1768Huddersfield St Peter
CampbellJohn1771Huddersfield St Peter
CampbellJames1784Huddersfield St Peter
BrearlyJoseph1788Huddersfield St Peter
BrearlySarah1885Huddersfield St Peter
BrearlySarah1802Huddersfield St Peter
BrearlyBenjamin1808Huddersfield St Peter
BrearlyJohn1808Huddersfield St Peter
BrearlyMary1805Huddersfield St Peter
SykesWilliam1766Huddersfield St Peter
SykesMartha1779Huddersfield St Peter
SykesHannah1842Huddersfield St Peter
SykesThomas Walter 1849Huddersfield St Peter
SykesJane1846Huddersfield St Peter
WaterhouseSarah1775Huddersfield St Peter
ThorntonBetty1800Huddersfield St Peter
SykesGeorge1817Huddersfield St Peter
SykesJoseph1817Huddersfield St Peter
WilsonJohn1754Huddersfield St Peter
WilsonWilliam1792Huddersfield St Peter
WilsonWilliam1758Huddersfield St Peter
WilsonRobert1759Huddersfield St Peter
WilsonElizabeth1764Huddersfield St Peter
WilsonAnn1775Huddersfield St Peter
WalkerMartha1782Huddersfield St Peter
WalkerJohn1788Huddersfield St Peter
RamsdenSarah1777Huddersfield St Peter
HallMary1786Huddersfield St Peter
Iredale Jnr Richard1757Huddersfield St Peter
IredaleElizabeth1759Huddersfield St Peter
IredaleMatthew1777Huddersfield St Peter
IredaleMary1785Huddersfield St Peter
IredaleJoseph1808Huddersfield St Peter
IredaleBetty1819Huddersfield St Peter
RamsdenRichard1798Huddersfield St Peter
RamsdenWilliam1798Huddersfield St Peter
RamsdenJoseph1815Huddersfield St Peter
RamsdenSarah1822Huddersfield St Peter
LucassThomas1797Huddersfield St Peter
LucassElizabeth1772Huddersfield St Peter
LucassJoseph1777Huddersfield St Peter
LucassHannah1777Huddersfield St Peter
LucassMary1781Huddersfield St Peter
LucassGeorge1799Huddersfield St Peter
LucassThomas1799Huddersfield St Peter
LucassMargaret1814Huddersfield St Peter
LucassJohn1843Huddersfield St Peter
LucassElizabeth1847Huddersfield St Peter
DawsonEdward1842Huddersfield St Peter
DawsonSarah1843Huddersfield St Peter
TyneJohn1798Huddersfield St Peter
TyneJonathan1801Huddersfield St Peter
TyneSarah1799Huddersfield St Peter
TyneGeorge1803Huddersfield St Peter
TattersallThomas1755Huddersfield St Peter
TattersallJames1775Huddersfield St Peter
TattersallRichard1791Huddersfield St Peter
DysonBetty1824Huddersfield St Peter
DysonJohn1833Huddersfield St Peter
FirthHannah1838Huddersfield St Peter
FirthJohn1861Huddersfield St Peter
HallCharlotte1867Huddersfield St Peter
FirthWilliam1763Huddersfield St Peter
FirthJoseph1801Huddersfield St Peter
FirthMargaret1802Huddersfield St Peter
FirthEmma Mary 1827Huddersfield St Peter
FirthThomas1850Huddersfield St Peter
FirthEdwin1855Huddersfield St Peter
FirthAlfred1856Huddersfield St Peter
FirthJohn Charles 1858Huddersfield St Peter
BrookAbraham1792Huddersfield St Peter
BrookJohn1821Huddersfield St Peter
BrookJacob1792Huddersfield St Peter
BrookFrances1815Huddersfield St Peter
BrookIsaac1846Huddersfield St Peter
WilkinsonJohn1788Huddersfield St Peter
KilnerMary1782Huddersfield St Peter
KilnerThomas1835Huddersfield St Peter
KilnerMary1782Huddersfield St Peter
KilnerMary1806Huddersfield St Peter
KilnerAnn1814Huddersfield St Peter
KilnerSarah1836Huddersfield St Peter
SykesJohn1825Huddersfield St Peter
SykesNancy1831Huddersfield St Peter
DawsonAnn1775Huddersfield St Peter
DawsonWilliam1777Huddersfield St Peter
DysonElizabeth1784Huddersfield St Peter
HaighJames1823Huddersfield St Peter
HaighBetty1841Huddersfield St Peter
SavilFrancis1786Huddersfield St Peter
EllamAnn1813Huddersfield St Peter
EllamAbraham1816Huddersfield St Peter
HaighCornelius1761Huddersfield St Peter
HanleyJohn1753Huddersfield St Peter
BattyeElizabeth1827Huddersfield St Peter
OatesHannah1754Huddersfield St Peter
JohnsonJoseph1787Huddersfield St Peter
JohnsonJoseph1824Huddersfield St Peter
JohnsonAn infant 1798Huddersfield St Peter
JohnsonAn infant 1800Huddersfield St Peter
JohnsonJohn1818Huddersfield St Peter
JohnsonSarah1826Huddersfield St Peter
JohnsonJames1843Huddersfield St Peter
JohnsonEleanor1846Huddersfield St Peter
JohnsonGeorge1868Huddersfield St Peter
HansonMargaret1745Huddersfield St Peter
HansonWilliam1753Huddersfield St Peter
HansonJoshua1755Huddersfield St Peter
MortonEdmund1798Huddersfield St Peter
MortonDavid1800Huddersfield St Peter
MortonElizabeth1789Huddersfield St Peter
MortonMartha1789Huddersfield St Peter
MortonMally1801Huddersfield St Peter
MortonThomas1804Huddersfield St Peter
MilnesSarah1796Huddersfield St Peter
MilnesJane1813Huddersfield St Peter
MilnesJane1814Huddersfield St Peter
MortonWilliam1814Huddersfield St Peter
MortonTabitha1817Huddersfield St Peter
AinleyDaniel1791Huddersfield St Peter
AinleySarah1797Huddersfield St Peter
HaighMartha1802Huddersfield St Peter
HaighJohn1816Huddersfield St Peter
HaighHannah????Huddersfield St Peter
MalinsonJohn1769Huddersfield St Peter
MalinsonMary1772Huddersfield St Peter
MallinsonJaneHuddersfield St Peter
BrookSarah1745Huddersfield St Peter
BrookJoshua1779Huddersfield St Peter
BrookHannah1751Huddersfield St Peter
BrookMary1752Huddersfield St Peter
BrookMartha1756Huddersfield St Peter
BrookRichard1756Huddersfield St Peter
BrookElizabeth1758Huddersfield St Peter
BrookWilliam1814Huddersfield St Peter
BrookSarah1823Huddersfield St Peter
BrookJoseph1851Huddersfield St Peter
BrookAnn1857Huddersfield St Peter
HeawoodMartha1790Huddersfield St Peter
HeawoodWilliam1794Huddersfield St Peter
WilkinsonJames1768Huddersfield St Peter
WilkinsonRebekah1781Huddersfield St Peter
DysonJohn1757Huddersfield St Peter
DysonHannah1764Huddersfield St Peter
DysonSusannah1772Huddersfield St Peter
DysonJames1801Huddersfield St Peter
DysonRachel1829Huddersfield St Peter
BrighouseWilliam1767Huddersfield St Peter
BrighouseSusy1768Huddersfield St Peter
BrighouseMary1786Huddersfield St Peter
BrighouseJoseph1802Huddersfield St Peter
WinpennySarah1789Huddersfield St Peter
WinpennyJohn1807Huddersfield St Peter
Goodall??1663Huddersfield St Peter
HansonJohn1743Huddersfield St Peter
HansonWilliam1766Huddersfield St Peter
BrookSarah1795Huddersfield St Peter
BrookIshmaelHuddersfield St Peter
BrookMartha1819Huddersfield St Peter
BrookMartha1810Huddersfield St Peter
BrookIshmael1813Huddersfield St Peter
BrookMary1829Huddersfield St Peter
MellerAbrahamHuddersfield St Peter
Meller Senr. EdwardHuddersfield St Peter
Meller Junr. Edward1689Huddersfield St Peter
MellerJoseph1729Huddersfield St Peter
RoseWilliam1748Huddersfield St Peter
DysonJames1783Huddersfield St Peter
CresswellWilliam1837Huddersfield St Peter
CresswellJoseph1842Huddersfield St Peter
CresswellBessy1845Huddersfield St Peter
CresswellCharles1842Huddersfield St Peter
BerninThirza1836Huddersfield St Peter
BerninThirza Magdalene 1837Huddersfield St Peter
SmithLouise Magdalene 1851Huddersfield St Peter
HirstEliza1811Huddersfield St Peter
HirstThomas1848Huddersfield St Peter
HirstElizabeth1869Huddersfield St Peter
HirstJames1825Huddersfield St Peter
HirstThomas1845Huddersfield St Peter
EldridgeCharles Edwin 1845Huddersfield St Peter
EldridgeBenjamin Dickson 1879Huddersfield St Peter
EldridgeMary Ann 1850Huddersfield St Peter
DysonRichard1754Huddersfield St Peter
SinkinsonJoshua1756Huddersfield St Peter
SinkinsonJane1735Huddersfield St Peter
WallerMichael1783Huddersfield St Peter
WallerMartha1822Huddersfield St Peter
WallerWilliam1846Huddersfield St Peter
WallerJohn1853Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageMaria1826Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageAbraham1836Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageMary1831Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageJoseph1846Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageElizabeth1802Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageThomasHuddersfield St Peter
ArmitageJohn1816Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageNanney1820Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorRachel1757Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorAdam176?Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorElizabeth1758Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorWilliam1773Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorDavid1855Huddersfield St Peter
Marsden????1690Huddersfield St Peter
PriestleySusan1698Huddersfield St Peter
BottomleySamuel1816Huddersfield St Peter
BottomleySamuel1825Huddersfield St Peter
BottomleyAnn1828Huddersfield St Peter
BottomleyNancy1830Huddersfield St Peter
BottomleyAnna Maria 1831Huddersfield St Peter
Armitage????1780Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageJohn1797Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageSarah1790Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageMary1790Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageSarah1793Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageDavid1800Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageAnnHuddersfield St Peter
ArmitageD????1808Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageHannah1808Huddersfield St Peter
Armitage????1821Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageMary Ann 1822Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageGeorge1828Huddersfield St Peter
HaighWilliam1768Huddersfield St Peter
HaighThomas1784Huddersfield St Peter
HaighElizabeth1766Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageSarah1778Huddersfield St Peter
ShepherdMartha1771Huddersfield St Peter
ShepherdRichard1802Huddersfield St Peter
ShepherdMary1771Huddersfield St Peter
ShepherdJames1803Huddersfield St Peter
ShepherdThomas1779Huddersfield St Peter
ShepherdSarah1781Huddersfield St Peter
ShepherdJohn1807Huddersfield St Peter
ShepherdFrances????Huddersfield St Peter
ShepherdSarah1804Huddersfield St Peter
ShepherdJames1843Huddersfield St Peter
ShepherdElizabeth1819Huddersfield St Peter
ShepherdJames1821Huddersfield St Peter
ShepherdGeorge Rowland 1844Huddersfield St Peter
WallerWilliam1805Huddersfield St Peter
WallerMary1808Huddersfield St Peter
WallerMary1854Huddersfield St Peter
EverittWilliam1780Huddersfield St Peter
EverittWilliam1804Huddersfield St Peter
BrookJohn1725Huddersfield St Peter
BrookMartha1734Huddersfield St Peter
ShawSarah1769Huddersfield St Peter
ShawMary1769Huddersfield St Peter
ShawJoseph17?2Huddersfield St Peter
ShawJames1783Huddersfield St Peter
ShawHannah1784Huddersfield St Peter
ShawBenjaminHuddersfield St Peter
ShawJonathanHuddersfield St Peter
ShawJohn1809Huddersfield St Peter
ShawSarah Ann 1825Huddersfield St Peter
ShawJohn Bottomley 1828Huddersfield St Peter
ShawMary Ann 1830Huddersfield St Peter
GillWilliam1750Huddersfield St Peter
GillSusannah1751Huddersfield St Peter
GillEllin1771Huddersfield St Peter
GillWilliam1777Huddersfield St Peter
RichardsonAnthony1751Huddersfield St Peter
RichardsonMartha????Huddersfield St Peter
RichardsonJohn1826Huddersfield St Peter
RichardsonTebrah1847Huddersfield St Peter
BrookeThomas1665Huddersfield St Peter
BrookeThomas1638Huddersfield St Peter
BrookeElizabeth1616Huddersfield St Peter
BrookMary Maria 1854Huddersfield St Peter
BrookeThomas1624Huddersfield St Peter
BrookBarnard Henry 1859Huddersfield St Peter
BrookeThomas1637Huddersfield St Peter
BrookeDorothie1634Huddersfield St Peter
BerryElizabeth1813Huddersfield St Peter
BerryJane1815Huddersfield St Peter
BerryGodfrey1829Huddersfield St Peter
BerrySarah1850Huddersfield St Peter
BerryJohn1827Huddersfield St Peter
BerryMargaret1833Huddersfield St Peter
BerryElizabeth1821Huddersfield St Peter
BerryMargaret1853Huddersfield St Peter
BerryJane Johnina 1854Huddersfield St Peter
BerryJane1770Huddersfield St Peter
BerryJohn1787Huddersfield St Peter
BerryMary M. 1788Huddersfield St Peter
BerryGodfrey1792Huddersfield St Peter
BerryThomas1799Huddersfield St Peter
BerryJohn1826Huddersfield St Peter
MorehouseJohn1672Huddersfield St Peter
MorehouseWilliam1699Huddersfield St Peter
MorehouseHannah1759Huddersfield St Peter
MorehouseMatthewHuddersfield St Peter
CliffeJohn1751Huddersfield St Peter
SinkinsonElizabeth1760Huddersfield St Peter
SinkinsonJohn1770Huddersfield St Peter
SinkinsonAnn1770Huddersfield St Peter
SinkinsonThos.1783Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodAnn1826Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodKay1831Huddersfield St Peter
HardySarah1721Huddersfield St Peter
HardyRichard1745Huddersfield St Peter
HardySarah1750Huddersfield St Peter
HardyThomas1758Huddersfield St Peter
HardySarah1756Huddersfield St Peter
Brooke Senr Thos.1624Huddersfield St Peter
de Carle Charles William 1840Huddersfield St Peter
BrayAnthony1775Huddersfield St Peter
BrookCharles1798Huddersfield St Peter
GreenThomas1815Huddersfield St Peter
GreenElizabeth1824Huddersfield St Peter
ChadwickJohn1750Huddersfield St Peter
ChadwickWilliam1763Huddersfield St Peter
ChadwickJohn1800Huddersfield St Peter
ScholesElizabeth1793Huddersfield St Peter
ScholesRichard1801Huddersfield St Peter
MilnesHannah1814Huddersfield St Peter
MilnesRichard1819Huddersfield St Peter
TinkerElizabeth1803Huddersfield St Peter
TinkerJoshua1805Huddersfield St Peter
TinkerMatthew1826Huddersfield St Peter
TinkerJoshua1812Huddersfield St Peter
TinkerMary1814Huddersfield St Peter
TinkerRichard1818Huddersfield St Peter
GreenJames1734Huddersfield St Peter
WaterhouseMary1773Huddersfield St Peter
WaterhouseJoshuaHuddersfield St Peter
CliffSarah1766Huddersfield St Peter
CliffNancyHuddersfield St Peter
CliffElizabethHuddersfield St Peter
HudsonRichard1814Huddersfield St Peter
DenhamBetty1819Huddersfield St Peter
TomlinsonMary1846Huddersfield St Peter
TomlinsonJohnHuddersfield St Peter
HudsonRichard1752Huddersfield St Peter
HudsonMartha1757Huddersfield St Peter
HudsonThomas1774Huddersfield St Peter
HudsonMartha1784Huddersfield St Peter
HudsonSarah1797Huddersfield St Peter
BrookJohn1794Huddersfield St Peter
BrookGeorge1797Huddersfield St Peter
BrookTabby1797Huddersfield St Peter
BrookPaulina1799Huddersfield St Peter
BrookJames1802Huddersfield St Peter
BrookMatthew1802Huddersfield St Peter
BrookJane1802Huddersfield St Peter
BrookWilliam1810Huddersfield St Peter
BrookJohn1810Huddersfield St Peter
BrookIsabella1814Huddersfield St Peter
BrookJames1811Huddersfield St Peter
BrookWilliam1814Huddersfield St Peter
NobleAnn1754Huddersfield St Peter
NobleGeorge1759Huddersfield St Peter
NobleGeorge1774Huddersfield St Peter
NobleJane1797Huddersfield St Peter
TinkerMary1777Huddersfield St Peter
TinkerGeorge1804Huddersfield St Peter
TinkerMary M 1791Huddersfield St Peter
TinkerFrances1816Huddersfield St Peter
DickinsonRichard1756Huddersfield St Peter
DickinsonHue1758Huddersfield St Peter
AspinallWilliam1793Huddersfield St Peter
AspinallGrace1815Huddersfield St Peter
FirthJohn1697Huddersfield St Peter
FirthWilliam1699Huddersfield St Peter
FirthJudith1703Huddersfield St Peter
FirthMary1703Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageSarah1748Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageJoshuaHuddersfield St Peter
ArmitageJoseph1751Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageJosephHuddersfield St Peter
ArmitageMary1751Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageElizabeth1761Huddersfield St Peter
AT1719Huddersfield St Peter
BothomleyJames1681Huddersfield St Peter
BrookWilliam1801Huddersfield St Peter
BrookSarah1812Huddersfield St Peter
BrookJosephHuddersfield St Peter
BrookMaryHuddersfield St Peter
BrookMaryHuddersfield St Peter
BrookAmbrose1815Huddersfield St Peter
BrookWilliam1846Huddersfield St Peter
BrookMary1832Huddersfield St Peter
BrookElizabeth1841Huddersfield St Peter
BawtryJames1813Huddersfield St Peter
ClarksonElizabeth1816Huddersfield St Peter
BawtryGeorge1864Huddersfield St Peter
BintleyJane1797Huddersfield St Peter
BintleyJob1805Huddersfield St Peter
BintleySarah1799Huddersfield St Peter
BintleyJane1801Huddersfield St Peter
BintleyGeorge1809Huddersfield St Peter
BintleyMary Ann 1835Huddersfield St Peter
BintleyJoseph1839Huddersfield St Peter
HugginsMary1815Huddersfield St Peter
JessopEliza Ann 1840Huddersfield St Peter
JessopGeorge184[5]Huddersfield St Peter
JessopJane1845Huddersfield St Peter
JessopHenry1875Huddersfield St Peter
FreemanJames1822Huddersfield St Peter
FreemanMary1837Huddersfield St Peter
FreemanElizabeth1835Huddersfield St Peter
FreemanThomas1853Huddersfield St Peter
FreemanMary1846Huddersfield St Peter
FreemanJames1848Huddersfield St Peter
FreemanEmma1859Huddersfield St Peter
HirstJohn1753Huddersfield St Peter
WrightDorothy1759Huddersfield St Peter
BickerdikeJane1819Huddersfield St Peter
ShawFrances1805Huddersfield St Peter
ShawJoseph1815Huddersfield St Peter
ShawFrances1827Huddersfield St Peter
ShawSusannah1806Huddersfield St Peter
ShawJoseph1834Huddersfield St Peter
MarshallJoseph1809Huddersfield St Peter
Marshall Senr William1819Huddersfield St Peter
MarshallWilliam1815Huddersfield St Peter
MarshallJudith1820Huddersfield St Peter
MarshallRebecca1820Huddersfield St Peter
MarshallEliza Ann 1824Huddersfield St Peter
MarshallSarah1829Huddersfield St Peter
MarshallAnne1843Huddersfield St Peter
MarshallWilliam1857Huddersfield St Peter
MaplesonElizabeth1800Huddersfield St Peter
MaplesonJoe Richard 1849Huddersfield St Peter
HirstEdmund1796Huddersfield St Peter
HirstMartha1819Huddersfield St Peter
WhitleyMary1833Huddersfield St Peter
WhitleyJames1863Huddersfield St Peter
WhitleyHannah1865Huddersfield St Peter
WhitleyMary Ann 1845Huddersfield St Peter
WhitleyJohn1869Huddersfield St Peter
WhitleyWalter1870Huddersfield St Peter
RedfearnWilliam Rawson 1800Huddersfield St Peter
RedfearnMary1811Huddersfield St Peter
CrowAnna Maria 1816Huddersfield St Peter
CrowWilliam Redfearn 1814Huddersfield St Peter
RedfearnFrederick1817Huddersfield St Peter
ClaytonSusannah1761Huddersfield St Peter
ClaytonJohn1791Huddersfield St Peter
ClaytonJob1768Huddersfield St Peter
ClaytonMary1777Huddersfield St Peter
ClaytonGeorge1783Huddersfield St Peter
ClaytonHannah1791Huddersfield St Peter
ClaytonWilliam1794Huddersfield St Peter
ClaytonBetty1807Huddersfield St Peter
ClaytonJohn1815Huddersfield St Peter
CrookWilliam1809Huddersfield St Peter
ClaytonAnn1813Huddersfield St Peter
ClaytonSamuel1851Huddersfield St Peter
HepworthHannah1814Huddersfield St Peter
HepworthDavid1817Huddersfield St Peter
HepworthHannah1815Huddersfield St Peter
Edwards????tton1817Huddersfield St Peter
EdwardsMary1830Huddersfield St Peter
BoothDorothy1797Huddersfield St Peter
BoothMatthew1801Huddersfield St Peter
BrooksbankCharlotte1840Huddersfield St Peter
WaiteAnn Rachel 1838Huddersfield St Peter
WaiteWilliam1840Huddersfield St Peter
WaiteHannah1858Huddersfield St Peter
HarelingEdward1741Huddersfield St Peter
HarelingJames1756Huddersfield St Peter
HarelingAnn1768Huddersfield St Peter
HarelingRiley1769Huddersfield St Peter
HarelingMary1769Huddersfield St Peter
HarelingHiram1769Huddersfield St Peter
HarlingEdward1822Huddersfield St Peter
HarlingMary Ann 1838Huddersfield St Peter
HaighEdward1826Huddersfield St Peter
HaighBetty1839Huddersfield St Peter
[Taylor]Samuel1782Huddersfield St Peter
[Taylor]Mary Ann 1787Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorJames1791Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorMary1817Huddersfield St Peter
BradleyMary????Huddersfield St Peter
BradleyMary Ann 1824Huddersfield St Peter
LeakeWilliam1772Huddersfield St Peter
LeakeWilliam1780Huddersfield St Peter
BestThomas1795Huddersfield St Peter
LeakeHarriet1803Huddersfield St Peter
CoatesMargaret1809Huddersfield St Peter
BestElizabeth1812Huddersfield St Peter
BirkeheadJohn????Huddersfield St Peter
BirkeheadJames1677Huddersfield St Peter
BirkheadMartha1675Huddersfield St Peter
ScholesThomas1775Huddersfield St Peter
ScholesJoseph1794Huddersfield St Peter
ScholesMary1811Huddersfield St Peter
ScholesJoseph1812Huddersfield St Peter
ScholesAnn1812Huddersfield St Peter
ScholesRichard????Huddersfield St Peter
ScholesMary1828Huddersfield St Peter
GloverJohn1828Huddersfield St Peter
AinleyGeorge1802Huddersfield St Peter
AinleyElizabeth1818Huddersfield St Peter
AinleyAnn1777Huddersfield St Peter
AinleyWilliam1780Huddersfield St Peter
AinleyThomas1782Huddersfield St Peter
AinleyJoseph1790Huddersfield St Peter
DrakeSarah1809Huddersfield St Peter
AinleyAnn1819Huddersfield St Peter
AinleyWilliam Francis 1830Huddersfield St Peter
AinleyJoseph1832Huddersfield St Peter
AinleyMary Ann 1885Huddersfield St Peter
SteelWilliam1828Huddersfield St Peter
SteelAnn1830Huddersfield St Peter
SteelJohn1860Huddersfield St Peter
DriverPeter1788Huddersfield St Peter
DriverMary1807Huddersfield St Peter
DriverWilliam1797Huddersfield St Peter
NutterMary1796Huddersfield St Peter
NutterRichard1806Huddersfield St Peter
NutterHarriet1789Huddersfield St Peter
NutterEsther1794Huddersfield St Peter
HirstMartha1780Huddersfield St Peter
HirstJob1823Huddersfield St Peter
HoughtonMartha1770Huddersfield St Peter
HoughtonAnn1763Huddersfield St Peter
HoughtonThomas1769Huddersfield St Peter
AtkinsonThomas1775Huddersfield St Peter
AtkinsonMichael1794Huddersfield St Peter
AtkinsonSarah1782Huddersfield St Peter
AtkinsonJane1881Huddersfield St Peter
AtkinsonSarah1847Huddersfield St Peter
CrookElizabeth1772Huddersfield St Peter
CrookHarcar1773Huddersfield St Peter
VennEling1767Huddersfield St Peter
SykesJames1801Huddersfield St Peter
SykesMary1807Huddersfield St Peter
SykesJohn1826Huddersfield St Peter
SykesMartha1838Huddersfield St Peter
SykesGeorge1889Huddersfield St Peter
SykesJames1851Huddersfield St Peter
SykesDinah1859Huddersfield St Peter
MarshElizabeth1820Huddersfield St Peter
MarshEdmund1838Huddersfield St Peter
MarshRachel1823Huddersfield St Peter
SykesJames1799Huddersfield St Peter
SykesAnn1809Huddersfield St Peter
SykesSally1790Huddersfield St Peter
SykesSarah1793Huddersfield St Peter
SykesJohn1797Huddersfield St Peter
SykesLydia1829Huddersfield St Peter
SykesJames1836Huddersfield St Peter
HaighElizabeth1845Huddersfield St Peter
StathamThomas1845Huddersfield St Peter
SykesJoseph1809Huddersfield St Peter
SykesJoseph1860Huddersfield St Peter
SykesAnn1860Huddersfield St Peter
SykesHannah1811Huddersfield St Peter
SykesJoseph1816Huddersfield St Peter
SykesWilliam Henry 1820Huddersfield St Peter
SykesLucretia Amelia 1820Huddersfield St Peter
SykesJames1833Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodJoseph1831Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodWilliam1840Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodHannah1851Huddersfield St Peter
SykesMary1827Huddersfield St Peter
SykesWilliam1836Huddersfield St Peter
SykesGrace1871Huddersfield St Peter
SykesWilliam Brook 1827Huddersfield St Peter
BrookAnn1828Huddersfield St Peter
SykesElizabeth1829Huddersfield St Peter
RipleyGeorge1778Huddersfield St Peter
SpencerSarah1779Huddersfield St Peter
SpencerThomas1801Huddersfield St Peter
Spencer Junr. Thomas1826Huddersfield St Peter
SpencerSarah1829Huddersfield St Peter
HampshireJoseph1785Huddersfield St Peter
HampshireRichard1811Huddersfield St Peter
HampshireBenjamin1786Huddersfield St Peter
HampshireHannah1789Huddersfield St Peter
HampshireJane1806Huddersfield St Peter
OldfieldMary1812Huddersfield St Peter
BoothJoseph1803Huddersfield St Peter
BoothJohn1852Huddersfield St Peter
BoothMartha1852Huddersfield St Peter
BoothElizabeth1815Huddersfield St Peter
BoothAnn1851Huddersfield St Peter
BoothJohn1861Huddersfield St Peter
BoothSarah1869Huddersfield St Peter
KayeMary1805Huddersfield St Peter
KayeRobert1817Huddersfield St Peter
HartleyJane1775Huddersfield St Peter
Hartley Senr. John1796Huddersfield St Peter
HartleyJohn1791Huddersfield St Peter
HartleyMartha1794Huddersfield St Peter
IbbotsonMary1779Huddersfield St Peter
IbbotsonRichard1797Huddersfield St Peter
IbbotsonRichard1819Huddersfield St Peter
IbbotsonRichard1823Huddersfield St Peter
IbbotsonMary1823Huddersfield St Peter
IbbotsonHannah1823Huddersfield St Peter
KayeJohn1686Huddersfield St Peter
KayeJohanna1729Huddersfield St Peter
FirthJohn1751Huddersfield St Peter
StathamMary1793Huddersfield St Peter
StathamMartha1828Huddersfield St Peter
StathamHenry1804Huddersfield St Peter
StathamHarriet1801Huddersfield St Peter
StathamGeorge1808Huddersfield St Peter
StathamEllen1810Huddersfield St Peter
StathamMary Ann 1815Huddersfield St Peter
StathamElizabeth1824Huddersfield St Peter
StathamJoseph1826Huddersfield St Peter
BeeverSamuel1751Huddersfield St Peter
BeeverJohn1804Huddersfield St Peter
BeeverSarah1756Huddersfield St Peter
HanleyAnn1829Huddersfield St Peter
WoodElizabeth1840Huddersfield St Peter
WoodJohn1851Huddersfield St Peter
BeaverJane1783Huddersfield St Peter
[Beaver]Joseph1816Huddersfield St Peter
BeaverRachel1798Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageJoshua1787Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageJoseph1787Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageJohn1824Huddersfield St Peter
OldroydHannah1794Huddersfield St Peter
OldroydJohn1794Huddersfield St Peter
OldroydWilliam1799Huddersfield St Peter
OldroydJames1806Huddersfield St Peter
OldroydDavid1813Huddersfield St Peter
OldroydRuth1814Huddersfield St Peter
OldroydJohn Becket 1817Huddersfield St Peter
OldroydMalley1818Huddersfield St Peter
OldroydCharles1819Huddersfield St Peter
PollardThomas1776Huddersfield St Peter
PollardIsabella1796Huddersfield St Peter
RingroseJane1844Huddersfield St Peter
KayeHannah1852Huddersfield St Peter
KayeJohn1872Huddersfield St Peter
KayeFrances1854Huddersfield St Peter
KayeCharles1853Huddersfield St Peter
AppleyardJohn1797Huddersfield St Peter
AppleyardRebecca1801Huddersfield St Peter
AppleyardWilliam1801Huddersfield St Peter
AppleyardJane1805Huddersfield St Peter
AppleyardElizabeth1806Huddersfield St Peter
AppleyardEliza1812Huddersfield St Peter
DickinsonJohn1800Huddersfield St Peter
DickinsonFanny1825Huddersfield St Peter
BeeversNanny1830Huddersfield St Peter
BeeversThomas1831Huddersfield St Peter
WalshawMary1815Huddersfield St Peter
WalshawJoseph1829Huddersfield St Peter
WalshawWilliam1829Huddersfield St Peter
CarterHarriet1852Huddersfield St Peter
CarterAnn1854Huddersfield St Peter
CarverJohn1826Huddersfield St Peter
CarverElizabeth1842Huddersfield St Peter
CarverGeorge1844Huddersfield St Peter
CarverTom1846Huddersfield St Peter
GledhillSamuel18??Huddersfield St Peter
GreenwoodFrederick1805Huddersfield St Peter
GreenwoodJohn1840Huddersfield St Peter
GreenwoodAmos1807Huddersfield St Peter
GreenwoodJohn1821Huddersfield St Peter
GreenwoodGeorge1822Huddersfield St Peter
GreenwoodAnn1827Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorElizabeth1740Huddersfield St Peter
MurgatroydMargaret1757Huddersfield St Peter
Murgatroyd??[ dau] 1760Huddersfield St Peter
HartleyThomas1799Huddersfield St Peter
ThorntonSarah1818Huddersfield St Peter
HartleyMary1823Huddersfield St Peter
HartleyZachariah1802Huddersfield St Peter
WilsonMary1819Huddersfield St Peter
HaighBenjamin1812Huddersfield St Peter
HaighSusannah1846Huddersfield St Peter
BeckwithJames1809Huddersfield St Peter
BeckwithThomas1811Huddersfield St Peter
CottonHenry1815Huddersfield St Peter
AndersonThomas Tweedie 1812Huddersfield St Peter
AndersonWalter1817Huddersfield St Peter
HoltMartha1770Huddersfield St Peter
HoltJames1784Huddersfield St Peter
HoltGeorge1795Huddersfield St Peter
HoltRobert1796Huddersfield St Peter
HoltJohn1768Huddersfield St Peter
HoltAnn1786Huddersfield St Peter
HoltJohn1788Huddersfield St Peter
HoltRebecca1798Huddersfield St Peter
HoltJohn1791Huddersfield St Peter
KayeElizabeth1807Huddersfield St Peter
DysonThomas1790Huddersfield St Peter
DysonSamuel1799Huddersfield St Peter
DysonThomas1791Huddersfield St Peter
WalkerSusannah1785Huddersfield St Peter
WalkerWilliam1796Huddersfield St Peter
WalkerJohn1814Huddersfield St Peter
WalkerMary1831Huddersfield St Peter
CollisWilliam1834Huddersfield St Peter
CollisAnn????Huddersfield St Peter
CollisMartha1842Huddersfield St Peter
CollisThomas1843Huddersfield St Peter
WalkerHannah1854Huddersfield St Peter
MellorThomas1769Huddersfield St Peter
WhiteleySamuel1743Huddersfield St Peter
HansonSarah1766Huddersfield St Peter
HansonMargaret1768Huddersfield St Peter
HansonJoshua1777Huddersfield St Peter
HansonHannah1783Huddersfield St Peter
HansonJohn????Huddersfield St Peter
HansonCharlotte1789Huddersfield St Peter
HansonSamuel1790Huddersfield St Peter
HansonJohn1793Huddersfield St Peter
HansonHannah1806Huddersfield St Peter
WilsonMary1801Huddersfield St Peter
WilsonJohn1832Huddersfield St Peter
DysonGrace1777Huddersfield St Peter
DysonJohn1787Huddersfield St Peter
DysonJohn1790Huddersfield St Peter
DysonWilliam1809Huddersfield St Peter
DysonMary1819Huddersfield St Peter
DysonJames1821Huddersfield St Peter
NewhouseRichard1810Huddersfield St Peter
NewhouseSarah1816Huddersfield St Peter
NewhouseBenjamin????Huddersfield St Peter
NewhouseUnnamed sons (3) Huddersfield St Peter
NewhouseUnnamed daughters (5) Huddersfield St Peter
NobleAnn1813Huddersfield St Peter
BeaumontElizabeth1741Huddersfield St Peter
BeaumontThomas1791Huddersfield St Peter
BrookGeorge1797Huddersfield St Peter
BrookDorothy1813Huddersfield St Peter
BrookJohn1807Huddersfield St Peter
CollingwoodJoshua1771Huddersfield St Peter
CollingwoodElizabeth1788Huddersfield St Peter
CollingwoodSarah1805Huddersfield St Peter
BeckwithBarbara1736Huddersfield St Peter
CleggJoshua1764Huddersfield St Peter
CleggMargaret1772Huddersfield St Peter
KayAnn1812Huddersfield St Peter
KayFrancis1823Huddersfield St Peter
KayAbram1831Huddersfield St Peter
KayGeorge1847Huddersfield St Peter
BankesJohn1741Huddersfield St Peter
BankesMary1749Huddersfield St Peter
DysonJohn1772Huddersfield St Peter
DysonSarah1775Huddersfield St Peter
BeaumontNanny1814Huddersfield St Peter
BeaumontJohn1821Huddersfield St Peter
HaighIsabel1744Huddersfield St Peter
HaighJohn1729Huddersfield St Peter
HaighElizabeth1703Huddersfield St Peter
HaighEliza1728Huddersfield St Peter
HaighJoseph1757Huddersfield St Peter
ShawMary????Huddersfield St Peter
ShawJames1799Huddersfield St Peter
ShawJohn1811Huddersfield St Peter
LeadbeaterSarah1811Huddersfield St Peter
LeadbeaterWilliam1826Huddersfield St Peter
LeadbeaterJohn1837Huddersfield St Peter
LeadbeaterSarah????Huddersfield St Peter
WhiteleyNathan1763Huddersfield St Peter
ThorntonJoseph1774Huddersfield St Peter
ThorntonWilliam1777Huddersfield St Peter
ThorntonJudith1802Huddersfield St Peter
StaceyWilliam1757Huddersfield St Peter
StaceyMary1790Huddersfield St Peter
StaceyJoseph1790Huddersfield St Peter
StaceyWilliam1810Huddersfield St Peter
StaceyGrace1817Huddersfield St Peter
StaceyJames1823Huddersfield St Peter
Staceysix unnamed children ????Huddersfield St Peter
TetleyMary1817Huddersfield St Peter
TetleyElizabeth1833Huddersfield St Peter
SaylesJoseph1779Huddersfield St Peter
SaylesSarah1820Huddersfield St Peter
Hinchliffe????????Huddersfield St Peter
HinchliffeBenjamin1818Huddersfield St Peter
HinchliffeGeorge1847Huddersfield St Peter
LaycockDan1788Huddersfield St Peter
KayMary1790Huddersfield St Peter
KayJohn1791Huddersfield St Peter
KayElizabeth1804Huddersfield St Peter
LangtonElizabeth1809Huddersfield St Peter
KayJoseph1811Huddersfield St Peter
HinchliffeMary1727Huddersfield St Peter
HinchliffeJohn1728Huddersfield St Peter
HansonElizabeth1673Huddersfield St Peter
KidsonAnn1713Huddersfield St Peter
KitsonRichard1741Huddersfield St Peter
ShawWilliam1801Huddersfield St Peter
ShawJohn1801Huddersfield St Peter
ShawMartha1803Huddersfield St Peter
ShawWilliam1804Huddersfield St Peter
ShawMartha1809Huddersfield St Peter
ShawHannah1811Huddersfield St Peter
ShawAbraham1813Huddersfield St Peter
ShawJohn1814Huddersfield St Peter
ShawNancy1815Huddersfield St Peter
StoneyWilliam1790Huddersfield St Peter
StoneyElizabeth1795Huddersfield St Peter
StoneyHenry1802Huddersfield St Peter
StoneySarah1802Huddersfield St Peter
StoneyJames1803Huddersfield St Peter
StoneyMary1804Huddersfield St Peter
StoneySusannah1827Huddersfield St Peter
StoneyJoseph1827Huddersfield St Peter
StoneyGeorge1833Huddersfield St Peter
StoneyFrances1837Huddersfield St Peter
RileyThomas1801Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageNancy1807Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageJames1809Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageGeorge1816Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageGeorge1818Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageJoseph1836Huddersfield St Peter
GreenwoodHannah1859Huddersfield St Peter
HoldenMary1750Huddersfield St Peter
HoldenAnn????Huddersfield St Peter
RileySarah1750Huddersfield St Peter
HoldenAnn1766Huddersfield St Peter
KeighleyHenrietta1824Huddersfield St Peter
RileyJoseph1754Huddersfield St Peter
RileyMartha1854Huddersfield St Peter
BentleyJohn Armitage 1838Huddersfield St Peter
BentleyMary1840Huddersfield St Peter
BentleyWilliam Armitage 1841Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageJohn1844Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageHannah1856Huddersfield St Peter
RileyWilliam1718Huddersfield St Peter
RileyMartha1720Huddersfield St Peter
RileyBridget1723Huddersfield St Peter
RileyJoseph1723Huddersfield St Peter
DriverBridget1755Huddersfield St Peter
RileyEdward1770Huddersfield St Peter
RileyJames1771Huddersfield St Peter
RileyJohn1819Huddersfield St Peter
RileyJohn1825Huddersfield St Peter
RileyJohn1765Huddersfield St Peter
RileyMargaret1835Huddersfield St Peter
InghamThomas1722Huddersfield St Peter
InghamSarah1722Huddersfield St Peter
InghamMary1722Huddersfield St Peter
InghamHannah1730Huddersfield St Peter
InghamWilliam1738Huddersfield St Peter
InghamBridget1741Huddersfield St Peter
GibsonMichael1819Huddersfield St Peter
RileyElizabeth1795Huddersfield St Peter
RileyWilliam1799Huddersfield St Peter
RileyWilliamHuddersfield St Peter
RileyAnnHuddersfield St Peter
RileyThomasHuddersfield St Peter
NorthElizabeth1814Huddersfield St Peter
NorthWilliam Riley 1810Huddersfield St Peter
NorthSamuel1815Huddersfield St Peter
CroslandJohn1788Huddersfield St Peter
CroslandMary1791Huddersfield St Peter
TattersallWilliam1814Huddersfield St Peter
TattersallHenry1816Huddersfield St Peter
TattersallGeorge1818Huddersfield St Peter
TattersallSarah1831Huddersfield St Peter
TattersallMary1844Huddersfield St Peter
TattersallWilliam1846Huddersfield St Peter
RawcliffeElizabeth1795Huddersfield St Peter
RawcliffeJohn1797Huddersfield St Peter
ArmitageJohn1800Huddersfield St Peter
StocksThomas1791Huddersfield St Peter
StocksJoseph1795Huddersfield St Peter
StocksBetty1796Huddersfield St Peter
MarshallJoseph1831Huddersfield St Peter
MarshallJohn1831Huddersfield St Peter
MoorElizabeth1792Huddersfield St Peter
MoorFrancis1794Huddersfield St Peter
MoorSarah1798Huddersfield St Peter
MoorSarah1811Huddersfield St Peter
MoorHarriet1818Huddersfield St Peter
SinkinsonJohn1765Huddersfield St Peter
ThorntonAnn1815Huddersfield St Peter
ThorntonJohn1817Huddersfield St Peter
ThorntonIsaac1847Huddersfield St Peter
HardyJohn1719Huddersfield St Peter
HardyElizabeth1719Huddersfield St Peter
NetherwoodRichard1791Huddersfield St Peter
NetherwoodRichard1797Huddersfield St Peter
NetherwoodGeorge1801Huddersfield St Peter
NetherwoodJoseph1808Huddersfield St Peter
NetherwoodHenry1809Huddersfield St Peter
NetherwoodGeorge1812Huddersfield St Peter
RhodesMartha1715Huddersfield St Peter
RhodesJoseph1742Huddersfield St Peter
RhodesMargaret1766Huddersfield St Peter
Spybe????1733Huddersfield St Peter
BrookElizabeth1778Huddersfield St Peter
BrookSarah1784Huddersfield St Peter
BrookMark1790Huddersfield St Peter
ThewlisWilliam1777Huddersfield St Peter
ThewlisSarah1777Huddersfield St Peter
ThewlisJonathan1781Huddersfield St Peter
ThewlisJohn1790Huddersfield St Peter
ThewlisWilliam1796Huddersfield St Peter
ThewlisHannah1805Huddersfield St Peter
ThewlisJoseph1827Huddersfield St Peter
VickermanElizabeth1845Huddersfield St Peter
HudsonRichard1798Huddersfield St Peter
HudsonJohn1797Huddersfield St Peter
HudsonRichard1800Huddersfield St Peter
HudsonThomas1817Huddersfield St Peter
HudsonMary1819Huddersfield St Peter
ThewlisJonathan1794Huddersfield St Peter
ThewlisMary1794Huddersfield St Peter
ThewlisGeorge1794Huddersfield St Peter
ThewlisRichard1816Huddersfield St Peter
ThewlisMary Ann 1817Huddersfield St Peter
ThewlisElizabeth1825Huddersfield St Peter
ThewlisA son (unnamed) Huddersfield St Peter
CliffBetty1767Huddersfield St Peter
CliffJohn1768Huddersfield St Peter
CliffHannah1769Huddersfield St Peter
CliffWilliam1773Huddersfield St Peter
CliffMary1775Huddersfield St Peter
CliffJoseph1775Huddersfield St Peter
CliffAnn1797Huddersfield St Peter
CliffJoseph1814Huddersfield St Peter
ShawElizebeth1675Huddersfield St Peter
HopperRichard1716Huddersfield St Peter
HopperMary1716Huddersfield St Peter
HopperJohn1713Huddersfield St Peter
HopperMichael1714Huddersfield St Peter
SinkinsonThomas????Huddersfield St Peter
SinkinsonPeter1732Huddersfield St Peter
SinkinsonWilliam1737Huddersfield St Peter
SinkinsonSarah1769Huddersfield St Peter
SinkinsonElizabeth17??Huddersfield St Peter
CarterClark1798Huddersfield St Peter
CarterJane????Huddersfield St Peter
CarterJane1810Huddersfield St Peter
KayMary1756Huddersfield St Peter
KayRichard1763Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodJohn1768Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodMary1796Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodWilliam1799Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodMartha1802Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodElizabeth1810Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodRichard1824Huddersfield St Peter
BennettThomas Edwards 1809Huddersfield St Peter
BennettMary1811Huddersfield St Peter
BennettFletcher1829Huddersfield St Peter
StubbsFrederick1845Huddersfield St Peter
StubbsMaria1880Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodJames1798Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodWilliam1804Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodJames1806Huddersfield St Peter
FossJoseph1817Huddersfield St Peter
MitchellFrances1759Huddersfield St Peter
MitchellMary1773Huddersfield St Peter
MitchellJoshua1786Huddersfield St Peter
MarshallSarah1828Huddersfield St Peter
MarshallGrace1838Huddersfield St Peter
FranceJoh...1742Huddersfield St Peter
KilnerHannah1757Huddersfield St Peter
KilnerJoseph1829Huddersfield St Peter
KilnerGeorge1864Huddersfield St Peter
StarkeyMartha1778Huddersfield St Peter
StarkeyJohn1782Huddersfield St Peter
StarkeyThomas1822Huddersfield St Peter
MarshallSarah Grace 1840Huddersfield St Peter
MarshallJoe Sykes 1848Huddersfield St Peter
MarshallJoseph1850Huddersfield St Peter
StarkeyJohn1764Huddersfield St Peter
StarkeySarah1798Huddersfield St Peter
StarkeyElizabeth Ann 1812Huddersfield St Peter
StarkeyEdward1816Huddersfield St Peter
StarkeyJohn1813Huddersfield St Peter
LeadbeatterMary1839Huddersfield St Peter
LeadbeatterHannah????Huddersfield St Peter
LeadbeaterFive unnamed children Huddersfield St Peter
MitchellMartha1710Huddersfield St Peter
MitchellThomas1754Huddersfield St Peter
MitchellMary1760Huddersfield St Peter
HallDaniel1782Huddersfield St Peter
HallMary1796Huddersfield St Peter
HallGrace1797Huddersfield St Peter
HallJoshua1818Huddersfield St Peter
HallMary1822Huddersfield St Peter
WalshJames1831Huddersfield St Peter
BruntonPeter1837Huddersfield St Peter
BruntonJohn1843Huddersfield St Peter
RollinsonJohn1763Huddersfield St Peter
RollinsonHannah1779Huddersfield St Peter
RollinsonAnn1793Huddersfield St Peter
RollinsonAnn1797Huddersfield St Peter
RollinsonSally1803Huddersfield St Peter
RollinsonGeorge1806Huddersfield St Peter
RollinsonGeorge1810Huddersfield St Peter
Perkin????1782Huddersfield St Peter
PerkinJohn1800Huddersfield St Peter
PerkinGeorge1803Huddersfield St Peter
PerkinElizabeth1810Huddersfield St Peter
PerkinJoseph1817Huddersfield St Peter
PerkinGeorge1821Huddersfield St Peter
ThorntonSally1768Huddersfield St Peter
ThorntonRebecca1779Huddersfield St Peter
ThorntonJoseph1785Huddersfield St Peter
ThorntonRebecca1818Huddersfield St Peter
FletcherJohn1796Huddersfield St Peter
FletcherJohn1802Huddersfield St Peter
FletcherWilliam1803Huddersfield St Peter
FletcherElizabeth1809Huddersfield St Peter
WhitwhamJohn1819Huddersfield St Peter
WhitwhamNancyHuddersfield St Peter
WhitwhamWilliamHuddersfield St Peter
HargreavesMary1748Huddersfield St Peter
HargreavesRichard1748Huddersfield St Peter
HargreavesAnne1745Huddersfield St Peter
HargreavesMartha1764Huddersfield St Peter
WilkinsonJoseph1759Huddersfield St Peter
WilkinsonGeorge1760Huddersfield St Peter
WilkinsonJane1763Huddersfield St Peter
MiersElizabeth1831Huddersfield St Peter
MiersMary1833Huddersfield St Peter
HelmJohn1797Huddersfield St Peter
HelmRose1798Huddersfield St Peter
HelmCharles1803Huddersfield St Peter
HelmJames1804Huddersfield St Peter
HelmThomas1805Huddersfield St Peter
HelmDavid1810Huddersfield St Peter
HelmRebecca1817Huddersfield St Peter
HelmJohn1817Huddersfield St Peter
HelmJohn William 1825Huddersfield St Peter
AtkinsonThomas Radcliffe 1832Huddersfield St Peter
AtkinsonMary Ann 1866Huddersfield St Peter
AtkinsonHannah Maria 1851Huddersfield St Peter
AtkinsonJohn1833Huddersfield St Peter
AtkinsonAnne Isabella 1854Huddersfield St Peter
HansonHannah1835Huddersfield St Peter
OwenJoseph1807Huddersfield St Peter
OwenWilliam1834Huddersfield St Peter
OwenDeborah1841Huddersfield St Peter
PayneJoseph1833Huddersfield St Peter
PayneTom1837Huddersfield St Peter
PayneMary Ann 1841Huddersfield St Peter
PayneAnn1848Huddersfield St Peter
PayneMary1848Huddersfield St Peter
PayneWilliam1851Huddersfield St Peter
JohnsonThomas1837Huddersfield St Peter
CookAlfred Johnson 1838Huddersfield St Peter
JohnsonMargaret1844Huddersfield St Peter
CookeBessy1878Huddersfield St Peter
BoothJohn1830Huddersfield St Peter
BoothAnn1832Huddersfield St Peter
BoothMary1833Huddersfield St Peter
BoothWilliam1835Huddersfield St Peter
BoothTom Walshaw 1836Huddersfield St Peter
BoothSarah1881Huddersfield St Peter
BeverleyAnn1845Huddersfield St Peter
BeverleyWilliam1854Huddersfield St Peter
DaggerIsabella1829Huddersfield St Peter
DaggerJohn1829Huddersfield St Peter
ShawJane1830Huddersfield St Peter
MarshallSarah1826Huddersfield St Peter
MarshallHannah1832Huddersfield St Peter
MarshallAbraham1833Huddersfield St Peter
TolsonThomas Marshall 1844Huddersfield St Peter
TolsonLouesa1846Huddersfield St Peter
TolsonHannah Danby 1848Huddersfield St Peter
MarshallThomas1853Huddersfield St Peter
JowittDavid1826Huddersfield St Peter
JowittGeorge1825Huddersfield St Peter
JowittFrancis1830Huddersfield St Peter
JowittHenry1844Huddersfield St Peter
JowittAnn1858Huddersfield St Peter
JowittRebecca1844Huddersfield St Peter
JowittEdward1865Huddersfield St Peter
RobinsonMary1821Huddersfield St Peter
RobinsonEliza1822Huddersfield St Peter
RobinsonHarriott1832Huddersfield St Peter
RobinsonGeorge1826Huddersfield St Peter
RobinsonGeorge Bosworth 1852Huddersfield St Peter
RobinsonGrace1863Huddersfield St Peter
RobinsonGeorge1865Huddersfield St Peter
GatliffMargaret1846Huddersfield St Peter
NorthJane1840Huddersfield St Peter
NorthEllen1841Huddersfield St Peter
NorthElizabeth Ellen 1842Huddersfield St Peter
NorthMary Maria 1846Huddersfield St Peter
CharlesworthGeorge1845Huddersfield St Peter
CharlesworthSarah1845Huddersfield St Peter
CharlesworthSarah Hannah 1846Huddersfield St Peter
WigneyHenry Charles 1846Huddersfield St Peter
WigneyAnn1847Huddersfield St Peter
WigneyAlfred1848Huddersfield St Peter
WigneyWilliam1861Huddersfield St Peter
WigneyThomas Jennings 1869Huddersfield St Peter
WigneyElizabeth1871Huddersfield St Peter
WigneyMary Ann Huddersfield St Peter
WigneyLouisaHuddersfield St Peter
WigneyCharles Pitt Huddersfield St Peter
WigneyFrederickHuddersfield St Peter
WigneyMary1834Huddersfield St Peter
WigneyJohn William Huddersfield St Peter
SwallowWilliam1821Huddersfield St Peter
SwallowSarah1836Huddersfield St Peter
SwallowGeorgeHuddersfield St Peter
SwallowElizaHuddersfield St Peter
KayWilliam1841Huddersfield St Peter
MedwellRichard1826Huddersfield St Peter
GibsonJohn1851Huddersfield St Peter
GibsonGrace1853Huddersfield St Peter
ThorntonGrace1849Huddersfield St Peter
HirstRachael1841Huddersfield St Peter
HirstJohn1849Huddersfield St Peter
WilsonElizabeth1849Huddersfield St Peter
WilsonEli1849Huddersfield St Peter
StarkeyGeorge Mitchell 1841Huddersfield St Peter
StarkeyGeorge1843Huddersfield St Peter
HirstSarah Ann 1860Huddersfield St Peter
StarkeyNancy1878Huddersfield St Peter
GoldenWilliam1872Huddersfield St Peter
GoldenEllen1874Huddersfield St Peter
GoldenThomas1829Huddersfield St Peter
GoldenEleanor1848Huddersfield St Peter
GeeHerbert1833Huddersfield St Peter
GeeJonathan1837Huddersfield St Peter
CloughSydney1827Huddersfield St Peter
CloughEliza Ann 1827Huddersfield St Peter
CloughJohn Rhodes 1839Huddersfield St Peter
ParrattThomas1862Huddersfield St Peter
ParrattJames1827Huddersfield St Peter
ParrattElizabeth1830Huddersfield St Peter
ParrattSarah1833Huddersfield St Peter
ParrattLucy1842Huddersfield St Peter
ParrattWilliam1845Huddersfield St Peter
BattyeJames Archibald 1847Huddersfield St Peter
BattyeJames1858Huddersfield St Peter
BattyeMary Ann 1882Huddersfield St Peter
BrookeJane1824Huddersfield St Peter
LaycockJane1845Huddersfield St Peter
RobinsonMargaret1823Huddersfield St Peter
MachanHannah1845Huddersfield St Peter
MachanCatharine1852Huddersfield St Peter
MoorhouseHenry1826Huddersfield St Peter
MoorhouseMary1831Huddersfield St Peter
MoorhouseDyson1844Huddersfield St Peter
MoorhouseWilliam1846Huddersfield St Peter
CarverWilliam1826Huddersfield St Peter
CarverJane1826Huddersfield St Peter
BrownEmma1850Huddersfield St Peter
CarverAnn1879Huddersfield St Peter
KilnerCharles Henry 1824Huddersfield St Peter
KilnerMary1856Huddersfield St Peter
KilnerWilliam1864Huddersfield St Peter
KilnerJohn Dickinson 1864Huddersfield St Peter
RidgwaySarah1827Huddersfield St Peter
RidgwayElizabeth Ann 1856Huddersfield St Peter
RidgwayTristram1870Huddersfield St Peter
HolmesMary1823Huddersfield St Peter
HolmesMary1832Huddersfield St Peter
HolmesWilliam Cartwright 1833Huddersfield St Peter
HolmesCaroline1845Huddersfield St Peter
SykesWilliam1828Huddersfield St Peter
SykesSarah1837Huddersfield St Peter
BeatsonAnby1842Huddersfield St Peter
BeatsonBessy1850Huddersfield St Peter
FisherElizabeth1822Huddersfield St Peter
WilsonMary Ann 1839Huddersfield St Peter
WilsonJohn1849Huddersfield St Peter
WilsonJames Waller 1850Huddersfield St Peter
BeardsellHiram1841Huddersfield St Peter
BeardsellWilliam1842Huddersfield St Peter
BradleyGeorge1848Huddersfield St Peter
SykesWilliam1821Huddersfield St Peter
SykesJoseph1834Huddersfield St Peter
BradleyRachel Kezia 1848Huddersfield St Peter
ClaytonGeorge1822Huddersfield St Peter
ClaytonGeorge1831Huddersfield St Peter
ClaytonJohn Brook 1836Huddersfield St Peter
ClaytonElizabeth Victoria Huddersfield St Peter
ClaytonGeorge Francis Huddersfield St Peter
ClaytonJohn1859Huddersfield St Peter
FisherSarah Ann 1881Huddersfield St Peter
ClaytonSamuel William 1884Huddersfield St Peter
MitchesonJane1842Huddersfield St Peter
EdwardsJohn1839Huddersfield St Peter
EdwardsEmma1841Huddersfield St Peter
EdwardsHannah1842Huddersfield St Peter
EdwardsHarriet1844Huddersfield St Peter
EdwardsRichard1845Huddersfield St Peter
CrossleyJohn1839Huddersfield St Peter
CrossleyMary Ann 1854Huddersfield St Peter
CrossleyThree unnamed children Huddersfield St Peter
MitchellGeorge1847Huddersfield St Peter
BurleyChristiana1847Huddersfield St Peter
BurleyElizabeth1848Huddersfield St Peter
MitchellEliza Mary 1849Huddersfield St Peter
MitchellGeorge1856Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodGeorge1834Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodIsabella1847Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodIsabella1856Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodElizabeth1856Huddersfield St Peter
CockingJane1823Huddersfield St Peter
CockingMary1823Huddersfield St Peter
CockingLucy1851Huddersfield St Peter
CockingJohn1854Huddersfield St Peter
SmithThomas Henry 1843Huddersfield St Peter
SmithElizabeth1845Huddersfield St Peter
BradleyJoseph1850Huddersfield St Peter
BradleyJohn1852Huddersfield St Peter
BradleySarah1880Huddersfield St Peter
BradleyThree unnamed children Huddersfield St Peter
MoseleyJohn1835Huddersfield St Peter
MoseleyEliza1843Huddersfield St Peter
MoseleyMartha1853Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorMary Ann 1821Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorEllen1824Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorElizabeth1831Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorAlice1846Huddersfield St Peter
DriverMary Ann 1840Huddersfield St Peter
DriverFrederick Armitage 1880Huddersfield St Peter
DriverNancy1883Huddersfield St Peter
DriverWilliam1885Huddersfield St Peter
StocksMary Selina 1794Huddersfield St Peter
StocksElizabeth1810Huddersfield St Peter
StocksSamuel1816Huddersfield St Peter
StocksSally1817Huddersfield St Peter
MoseleySamuel1816Huddersfield St Peter
MoseleyHannah1832Huddersfield St Peter
MoseleyMaria1865Huddersfield St Peter
HirdWilliam1830Huddersfield St Peter
HirdMary Ann 1801Huddersfield St Peter
HirdThomas1808Huddersfield St Peter
HirdWilliam1809Huddersfield St Peter
HirdSarah Ann 1813Huddersfield St Peter
HirdElizabeth1853Huddersfield St Peter
LangleyThomas1795Huddersfield St Peter
LangleyWilliam1808Huddersfield St Peter
LangleyWilliam1809Huddersfield St Peter
RhodesWilliam Langley 1811Huddersfield St Peter
RhodesCaroline1817Huddersfield St Peter
LangleyJane1818Huddersfield St Peter
LangleyJane1843Huddersfield St Peter
WhitleyMary1813Huddersfield St Peter
WhitleyMartha1817Huddersfield St Peter
WhitleyMary1820Huddersfield St Peter
WhitleyNathan1837Huddersfield St Peter
WhitleyTwo unnamed children Huddersfield St Peter
SeniorHannah1853Huddersfield St Peter
SeniorFrances1843Huddersfield St Peter
SeniorUnnamed child 1847Huddersfield St Peter
SeniorJohn1848Huddersfield St Peter
FirthMary1802Huddersfield St Peter
FirthJoshua1803Huddersfield St Peter
FirthAbraham1803Huddersfield St Peter
FirthSarah1816Huddersfield St Peter
FirthJohn1824Huddersfield St Peter
BrookMary1811Huddersfield St Peter
BrookRichard1837Huddersfield St Peter
BrookEliza1802Huddersfield St Peter
BrookMary Ann 1812Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodMary1811Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodChristiania1834Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodJane1848Huddersfield St Peter
EastwoodJohn1852Huddersfield St Peter
WomersleyWilliam1803Huddersfield St Peter
WomersleyMartha1803Huddersfield St Peter
WomersleyHannah1803Huddersfield St Peter
SutcliffeElizabeth1847Huddersfield St Peter
BrookEdward1788Huddersfield St Peter
BrookMary1794Huddersfield St Peter
BrookSarah1837Huddersfield St Peter
BrookJames1839Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorJohn1788Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorAnn1789Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorSarah1804Huddersfield St Peter
BrookJoseph1806Huddersfield St Peter
BrookSarah1826Huddersfield St Peter
BrookSarah1805Huddersfield St Peter
BrookGeorge1863Huddersfield St Peter
DysonHannah1799Huddersfield St Peter
DysonNanney1803Huddersfield St Peter
DysonEli1803Huddersfield St Peter
DysonMartha1837Huddersfield St Peter
DysonElizabeth1838Huddersfield St Peter
DysonMiles1838Huddersfield St Peter
DysonBenjamin1838Huddersfield St Peter
DysonHenry1854Huddersfield St Peter
DysonElizabeth1883Huddersfield St Peter
ChadwickJames1800Huddersfield St Peter
ChadwickAnn1800Huddersfield St Peter
ScholefieldMartha1821Huddersfield St Peter
LearoydWilliam1848Huddersfield St Peter
LearoydSarah1846Huddersfield St Peter
LearoydJohn1816Huddersfield St Peter
LearoydEdwin1816Huddersfield St Peter
LearoydHenry1841Huddersfield St Peter
LearoydJohn William 1844Huddersfield St Peter
LearoydSarah1882Huddersfield St Peter
HaighJoseph1805Huddersfield St Peter
PeaceMary1814Huddersfield St Peter
PeaceWilliam Booth 1814Huddersfield St Peter
PeaceAnn1815Huddersfield St Peter
PeaceFrances1817Huddersfield St Peter
PeaceJohn1840Huddersfield St Peter
PeaceJohn1863Huddersfield St Peter
PeaceElizabeth1876Huddersfield St Peter
PearsonSarah1802Huddersfield St Peter
PearsonJohn1839Huddersfield St Peter
BoothEdward1813Huddersfield St Peter
BoothCatharine1833Huddersfield St Peter
BoothElizabeth1819Huddersfield St Peter
BoothWilliam1821Huddersfield St Peter
CleggSarah1824Huddersfield St Peter
CleggJoseph1829Huddersfield St Peter
KayeHannah1836Huddersfield St Peter
KayeJoseph1853Huddersfield St Peter
KayeJoseph1858Huddersfield St Peter
KayeWilliam Henry 1862Huddersfield St Peter
KayeEliza1871Huddersfield St Peter
KayeJohn1851Huddersfield St Peter
AspinallJohn1803Huddersfield St Peter
AspinallMartha1810Huddersfield St Peter
AspinallHenry1810Huddersfield St Peter
AspinallGeorge1814Huddersfield St Peter
AspinallJoseph1817Huddersfield St Peter
AspinallClarey1820Huddersfield St Peter
AspinallDavid1828Huddersfield St Peter
AspinallAnn1832Huddersfield St Peter
AspinallMary1834Huddersfield St Peter
WarburtonSamuel1874Huddersfield St Peter
AspinallWilliam1833Huddersfield St Peter
AspinallWilliam Henry 1856Huddersfield St Peter
AspinallHannah1872Huddersfield St Peter
CollinsonEdward1812Huddersfield St Peter
CollinsonRhoda Mary 1842Huddersfield St Peter
GreenwoodLuke1812Huddersfield St Peter
GreenwoodRalph Shaw 1812Huddersfield St Peter
DepledgeThos1811Huddersfield St Peter
BowkerJoseph1843Huddersfield St Peter
BowkerJohn1845Huddersfield St Peter
BowkerWilliam1845Huddersfield St Peter
BowkerMary1847Huddersfield St Peter
SmartAnn1807Huddersfield St Peter
SmartThomas Stanhope 1807Huddersfield St Peter
SmartMary Ann 1794Huddersfield St Peter
SmartHarriet1826Huddersfield St Peter
SmartWilliam1836Huddersfield St Peter
DarleyAnn 1838Huddersfield St Peter
SmartThomas1840Huddersfield St Peter
SmartHannah1848Huddersfield St Peter
BlackburnWilliam1805Huddersfield St Peter
BlackburnMartha1816Huddersfield St Peter
BlackburnWilliam1837Huddersfield St Peter
CroslandElizabeth1841Huddersfield St Peter
CroslandSarah1848Huddersfield St Peter
CroslandTwo unnamed children Huddersfield St Peter
SunderlandWilliam1845Huddersfield St Peter
SunderlandBetty1809Huddersfield St Peter
SunderlandJohn1815Huddersfield St Peter
SunderlandJohn1862Huddersfield St Peter
WadeMary1830Huddersfield St Peter
WadeGeorge Stephen 1853Huddersfield St Peter
WadeBathia1854Huddersfield St Peter
HelmThomas1796Huddersfield St Peter
HelmMary Ann 1809Huddersfield St Peter
HelmBryan1816Huddersfield St Peter
HelmNancy1818Huddersfield St Peter
HelmHannah1819Huddersfield St Peter
HelmHannah1824Huddersfield St Peter
LudlamMary1789Huddersfield St Peter
LudlamMargaret1797Huddersfield St Peter
LudlamAnn1807Huddersfield St Peter
LudlamJohn1808Huddersfield St Peter
LudlamThomas1813Huddersfield St Peter
LudlamMartha1821Huddersfield St Peter
RamsdenAnna Maria 1838Huddersfield St Peter
LudlamJohn1806Huddersfield St Peter
RamsdenMary Ludlam 1836Huddersfield St Peter
RamsdenMary Ludlam 1836Huddersfield St Peter
RamsdenThomas Ludlam 1837Huddersfield St Peter
ThewlisAbraham1819Huddersfield St Peter
ThewlisElizabeth1829Huddersfield St Peter
ThewlisShaw1809Huddersfield St Peter
ThewlisJane1833Huddersfield St Peter
RobinsonJohn1802Huddersfield St Peter
RobinsonElizabeth1803Huddersfield St Peter
CoatesJohn1799Huddersfield St Peter
CoatesThomas1814Huddersfield St Peter
CoatesSarah1848Huddersfield St Peter
CoatesHannah1817Huddersfield St Peter
CoatesMary Bridget 1819Huddersfield St Peter
CoatesSusanna Frances 1825Huddersfield St Peter
CoatesMary Isabella 1841Huddersfield St Peter
CoatesJohn1847Huddersfield St Peter
NobleThomas1803Huddersfield St Peter
NobleRosamond Welfit 1839Huddersfield St Peter
BrookWilliam1797Huddersfield St Peter
BrookElizabeth1813Huddersfield St Peter
KenworthyMary1841Huddersfield St Peter
NutterMary1843Huddersfield St Peter
NutterJane1845Huddersfield St Peter
KenworthyBenjamin1861Huddersfield St Peter
SwainElizabeth1815Huddersfield St Peter
SwainHannah1819Huddersfield St Peter
SwainElizabeth1822Huddersfield St Peter
SwainJoshua1828Huddersfield St Peter
SwainWilliam1851Huddersfield St Peter
SwainHannah1859Huddersfield St Peter
SwainSarah1865Huddersfield St Peter
HeywoodMary1810Huddersfield St Peter
HeywoodMartha1810Huddersfield St Peter
HeywoodJohn1825Huddersfield St Peter
DoughertyMatthew1875Huddersfield St Peter
DoughertyGrace1882Huddersfield St Peter
BurnupJohn1809Huddersfield St Peter
BurnupWilliam1815Huddersfield St Peter
BurnupJohn1822Huddersfield St Peter
BurnupElizabeth1849Huddersfield St Peter
HirstSamuel1815Huddersfield St Peter
HirstRachel1822Huddersfield St Peter
HirstGeorge1786Huddersfield St Peter
HirstWilliam1820Huddersfield St Peter
HirstElizabeth1836Huddersfield St Peter
HirstJohn1838Huddersfield St Peter
HirstMartha1840Huddersfield St Peter
HirstSamuel1858Huddersfield St Peter
HirstGeorge1858Huddersfield St Peter
HirstAbraham1864Huddersfield St Peter
RhodesAbraham1805Huddersfield St Peter
RhodesAbraham1814Huddersfield St Peter
RhodesWilliam1814Huddersfield St Peter
RhodesSarah1815Huddersfield St Peter
RhodesAbraham1823Huddersfield St Peter
RhodesEdward1824Huddersfield St Peter
RhodesMary1828Huddersfield St Peter
GrahamRebecca1813Huddersfield St Peter
GrahamJohn1796Huddersfield St Peter
GrahamEdward1803Huddersfield St Peter
GrahamJohn1837Huddersfield St Peter
BerryWilliam Walton 1816Huddersfield St Peter
BerryHarriot1843Huddersfield St Peter
JacksonHannah1805Huddersfield St Peter
JacksonGeorge1828Huddersfield St Peter
JacksonElizabeth1830Huddersfield St Peter
WilkinsonElizabeth1803Huddersfield St Peter
HepworthMary1803Huddersfield St Peter
HepworthJoshua1803Huddersfield St Peter
HepworthBessey1805Huddersfield St Peter
HepworthJoshua1811Huddersfield St Peter
HepworthJohn1816Huddersfield St Peter
HepworthDavid1833Huddersfield St Peter
HepworthHannah1839Huddersfield St Peter
JohnsonRachel1827Huddersfield St Peter
RobinsonSamuel1791Huddersfield St Peter
RobinsonJames1798Huddersfield St Peter
RobinsonFanny1801Huddersfield St Peter
RobinsonJoseph1801Huddersfield St Peter
RobinsonJoseph1824Huddersfield St Peter
RobinsonUriah1825Huddersfield St Peter
AtkinsonCharles Walter 1815Huddersfield St Peter
AtkinsonElizabeth1818Huddersfield St Peter
AtkinsonCharlotte1822Huddersfield St Peter
AtkinsonRichard1825Huddersfield St Peter
AtkinsonMaria1850Huddersfield St Peter
ScholesMartha1796Huddersfield St Peter
ScholesJohn Denton 1797Huddersfield St Peter
ScholesHarriot1809Huddersfield St Peter
ScholesPaul1814Huddersfield St Peter
ScholesHarriot1832Huddersfield St Peter
ScholesElizabeth1848Huddersfield St Peter
SharpJohn1833Huddersfield St Peter
SharpHannah1833Huddersfield St Peter
SharpJohn1844Huddersfield St Peter
SharpHarriet1857Huddersfield St Peter
BoothJohn1802Huddersfield St Peter
BoothJohn Hargrave 1808Huddersfield St Peter
BoothWilliam1811Huddersfield St Peter
BoothUriah1812Huddersfield St Peter
ScottMary1815Huddersfield St Peter
ScottRobert Brown 1818Huddersfield St Peter
ScottJohn1837Huddersfield St Peter
WhiteheadCharles1788Huddersfield St Peter
WhiteheadCharles1797Huddersfield St Peter
WhiteheadWilliam1798Huddersfield St Peter
WhiteheadJohn1806Huddersfield St Peter
WhiteheadMary1807Huddersfield St Peter
WhiteheadCharles William 1816Huddersfield St Peter
WhiteheadAnn1819Huddersfield St Peter
SwiftSarah1836Huddersfield St Peter
SwiftSamuel1842Huddersfield St Peter
SwiftThomas1844Huddersfield St Peter
EnglishInfant1803Huddersfield St Peter
EnglishJohn1805Huddersfield St Peter
EnglishMartha1808Huddersfield St Peter
EnglishAnn1808Huddersfield St Peter
EnglishInfant1812Huddersfield St Peter
EnglishMary Ann 1824Huddersfield St Peter
CuthbertMary Ann 1832Huddersfield St Peter
CuthbertJane1842Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorAlice1777Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorAnn1782Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorWilliam1784Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorJoseph1786Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorMartin1789Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorMercy1794Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorHenry1814Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorJohn1845Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorJohn1846Huddersfield St Peter
TaylorElizabeth1858Huddersfield St Peter
GreenwoodMartha1789Huddersfield St Peter
GreenwoodWilliam1798Huddersfield St Peter
GreenwoodThomas1804Huddersfield St Peter
GreenwoodMatty1855Huddersfield St Peter
GreenwoodGeorge1862Huddersfield St Peter
HansonJoseph1792Huddersfield St Peter
HansonMary1794Huddersfield St Peter
HansonCharlesHuddersfield St Peter
HansonGeorge1801Huddersfield St Peter
HansonHannah1802Huddersfield St Peter
HansonJoseph1829Huddersfield St Peter
HansonMaria1861Huddersfield St Peter
HansonJohn1869Huddersfield St Peter
HansonElizabeth1797Huddersfield St Peter
HansonJoseph1803Huddersfield St Peter
HansonWilliam Henry 1816Huddersfield St Peter
HansonJohn1841Huddersfield St Peter
CrowtherSarah1842Huddersfield St Peter
PrestonElizabeth1802Huddersfield St Peter
PrestonHannah1807Huddersfield St Peter
PrestonFrances1816Huddersfield St Peter
CheltonJohn1805Huddersfield St Peter
CheltonJosephHuddersfield St Peter
CheltonBenjaminHuddersfield St Peter
CheltonJohn1856Huddersfield St Peter
CheltonHannah1847Huddersfield St Peter
HubankThomas1791Huddersfield St Peter
HubankMary1802Huddersfield St Peter
HubankHenry Tinker 1802Huddersfield St Peter
LockwoodAnn1841Huddersfield St Peter
LockwoodSarah1848Huddersfield St Peter
LockwoodRichard1853Huddersfield St Peter
LockwoodRichard1856Huddersfield St Peter
LockwoodThree unnamed children Huddersfield St Peter
BurtonEliza1819Huddersfield St Peter
BurtonLouisa1820Huddersfield St Peter
BurtonEleanor1824Huddersfield St Peter
BurtonBetty1836Huddersfield St Peter
BattyMary Anne 1815Huddersfield St Peter
LancasterSarah1790Huddersfield St Peter
LancasterAnn1797Huddersfield St Peter
LancasterMary1802Huddersfield St Peter
LancasterSamuel1811Huddersfield St Peter
WithnellEster1799Huddersfield St Peter
DawsonWilliam1803Huddersfield St Peter
DawsonWilliam1803Huddersfield St Peter
HaighAnn1833Huddersfield St Peter
HaighDaniel Parish 1838Huddersfield St Peter
HaighGeorge1838Huddersfield St Peter
HaighJane1843Huddersfield St Peter
HaighWilliam Henry 1849Huddersfield St Peter
SpiveyThomas1839Huddersfield St Peter
SpiveyHenry1834Huddersfield St Peter
SpiveyAnn1862Huddersfield St Peter
SeniorRose1791Huddersfield St Peter
SeniorJonathan1800Huddersfield St Peter
SeniorMartha1802Huddersfield St Peter
SeniorMary1803Huddersfield St Peter
SeniorSarah1805Huddersfield St Peter
SeniorJohn1815Huddersfield St Peter
SeniorJohn1833Huddersfield St Peter
BennettEliza1843Huddersfield St Peter
SeniorJonathan1848Huddersfield St Peter
LofthouseLuke1815Huddersfield St Peter
LofthouseHannah1823Huddersfield St Peter
ThompsonJohn1811Huddersfield St Peter
HawkyardJohn1792Huddersfield St Peter
HawkyardJoseph1800Huddersfield St Peter
HawkyardThomas1803Huddersfield St Peter
HawkyardMary1815Huddersfield St Peter
Westoby Elizabeth 1866Bradley St Thomas
HawkyardSarah1825Huddersfield St Peter
Thornton John 1865Bradley St Thomas
HawkyardJoseph1827Huddersfield St Peter
Thornton Emily 1871Bradley St Thomas
HawkyardJoseph1838Huddersfield St Peter
Thornton Abraham 1873Bradley St Thomas
BearchillBenjamin1821Huddersfield St Peter
Thornton Mary Hannah 18?? Bradley St Thomas
BearchillBetty1838Huddersfield St Peter
Thornton Florence 1894Bradley St Thomas
FentonJohn1842Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Elizabeth 1878Bradley St Thomas
LockwoodGeorge1822Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Benjamin 1864Bradley St Thomas
LockwoodJohn1825Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Fanny 1867Bradley St Thomas
LockwoodSarah1841Huddersfield St Peter
Carter David 1881Bradley St Thomas
DentJohn1814Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Nathan 1884Bradley St Thomas
DentSarah1830Huddersfield St Peter
Carter John 1884Bradley St Thomas
DentMary1849Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Charlotte ???? Bradley St Thomas
HawxbyAnn1783Huddersfield St Peter
Sellers Elizabeth 1871Bradley St Thomas
HawxbyThomas1794Huddersfield St Peter
Sellers Eliza Ann 1871Bradley St Thomas
HawxbyWilliam1812Huddersfield St Peter
Lees Ephraim 1875Bradley St Thomas
HawxbyEdward1814Huddersfield St Peter
Lees Sarah Lockwood 1870Bradley St Thomas
WalkerElizabeth1821Huddersfield St Peter
Lees Sarah Elizabeth 1872Bradley St Thomas
HawxbyMartha1831Huddersfield St Peter
Lees Ellen 1877Bradley St Thomas
HawxbyMariann1847Huddersfield St Peter
Turner Mary Ann 1864Bradley St Thomas
HawxbyHarriet1849Huddersfield St Peter
Deighton Dorothy 1898Bradley St Thomas
HawxbyHenry1851Huddersfield St Peter
Rayner William 1887Bradley St Thomas
WoodJohn1794Huddersfield St Peter
Rayner Jane 1917Bradley St Thomas
WoodMary1802Huddersfield St Peter
Rayner Adelina 1924Bradley St Thomas
WoodRose1803Huddersfield St Peter
Rayner Lydia Ann 1863Bradley St Thomas
WoodJonas1813Huddersfield St Peter
Rayner Elizabeth 1866Bradley St Thomas
FrazerHarriet1817Huddersfield St Peter
Rayner Isaac 1894Bradley St Thomas
WoodJohn1820Huddersfield St Peter
Rayner Mary Hannah 1930Bradley St Thomas
WoodDavid1828Huddersfield St Peter
Gibson Hannah 1865Bradley St Thomas
ThorntonWilliam1810Huddersfield St Peter
Gibson John 1893Bradley St Thomas
ThorntonSophia1807Huddersfield St Peter
Haigh Frederick William 1864Bradley St Thomas
ThorntonElizabeth1813Huddersfield St Peter
Haigh Thomas 1890Bradley St Thomas
ThorntonJosiah1817Huddersfield St Peter
Poole Leonard 1943Bradley St Thomas
ThorntonSarah1819Huddersfield St Peter
Poole Pricilla 1942Bradley St Thomas
ThorntonEsther1823Huddersfield St Peter
Bedford Arthur 1942Bradley St Thomas
ThorntonJoseph1831Huddersfield St Peter
Bedford Mary 1948Bradley St Thomas
ThorntonMargaret1846Huddersfield St Peter
Oldroyde Laura 1943Bradley St Thomas
SykesBenjamin1805Huddersfield St Peter
Oldroyde George 1964Bradley St Thomas
SykesJane1823Huddersfield St Peter
Gledhill Richard 1834Bradley St Thomas
SykesHarriet1835Huddersfield St Peter
Gledhill Martha Ann 1845Bradley St Thomas
SykesWilliam1839Huddersfield St Peter
Gledhill Benjamin 1849Bradley St Thomas
NorthAnn1810Huddersfield St Peter
Gledhill Sarah 1853Bradley St Thomas
NorthElizabeth1827Huddersfield St Peter
Gledhill John 1872Bradley St Thomas
NorthWilliam1831Huddersfield St Peter
Gledhill Ellen 1874Bradley St Thomas
ChapmanAnn North 1836Huddersfield St Peter
Hirst Eliza Ella Bradley St Thomas
NorthHenry1843Huddersfield St Peter
Hirst Eliza 1872Bradley St Thomas
NorthGeorge1847Huddersfield St Peter
Sharp Arthur 1871Bradley St Thomas
ChapmanAlfred Henry 1850Huddersfield St Peter
Sharp Grace 1886Bradley St Thomas
BottomleyJohn1825Huddersfield St Peter
Sharp John 1887Bradley St Thomas
BottomleyJosephHuddersfield St Peter
Hopwood Martha 1872Bradley St Thomas
BottomleyCharlotte1850Huddersfield St Peter
Hopwood Fanny 1891Bradley St Thomas
TurnerElizabeth1818Huddersfield St Peter
Hopwood John 1895Bradley St Thomas
HawkyardMary1821Huddersfield St Peter
G A 1873Bradley St Thomas
HaighBenjamin1827Huddersfield St Peter
G M 1913Bradley St Thomas
PayneAnn1828Huddersfield St Peter
G W 1925Bradley St Thomas
GreenwoodElizabeth1829Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Samuel 1878Bradley St Thomas
BottomleyJohn1816Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Sarah 1899Bradley St Thomas
BottomleyMary1833Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Jane 1870Bradley St Thomas
BottomleyWilliam1836Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Allan 1887Bradley St Thomas
LucasWilliam1794Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Edith 1872Bradley St Thomas
LucasSarah1797Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Joseph 1871Bradley St Thomas
LucasJonas1799Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Mary 1871Bradley St Thomas
LucasWilliam1802Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Amos 1869Bradley St Thomas
BatesMary1805Huddersfield St Peter
Clark Mary Ann 1869Bradley St Thomas
BatesSarahHuddersfield St Peter
Clark Martha Ann 1933Bradley St Thomas
BatesJonasHuddersfield St Peter
Ewart Littlewood 1869Bradley St Thomas
BatesJohnHuddersfield St Peter
Ewart John 1877Bradley St Thomas
BatesMaryHuddersfield St Peter
Ewart Nanny 1891Bradley St Thomas
BatesEliza1821Huddersfield St Peter
Ewart Law 1923Bradley St Thomas
BatesGeorge1832Huddersfield St Peter
Ewart  Sarah 1953Bradley St Thomas
BatesAnn1834Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Samuel 1882Bradley St Thomas
SlaterMargaret1792Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Martha Hannah 1894Bradley St Thomas
CarterSarah1822Huddersfield St Peter
Brook George Taylor 1863Bradley St Thomas
CarterWilliam1815Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Martha Hannah 1872Bradley St Thomas
CarterEllen1821Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Mary Jane 1871Bradley St Thomas
CarterEliannath1822Huddersfield St Peter
Sunderland Susan 1868Bradley St Thomas
CarterMargaret1826Huddersfield St Peter
Sunderland Joseph 1873Bradley St Thomas
CarterMary1830Huddersfield St Peter
Brook William 1870Bradley St Thomas
CarterSarah1831Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Sarah Alice 1874Bradley St Thomas
CarterBenjamin1833Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Charles 1886Bradley St Thomas
CarterEdwin1835Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Hannah 1889Bradley St Thomas
CarterMary Eliza 1842Huddersfield St Peter
Stott Mary Jane 1866Bradley St Thomas
CarterWilliam1850Huddersfield St Peter
Stott Alice 1875Bradley St Thomas
CarterElizabeth Anne 1850Huddersfield St Peter
Stott Clara 1875Bradley St Thomas
CarterJohn Hellewell 1856Huddersfield St Peter
Stott Charles 1886Bradley St Thomas
CarterSarah Anne 1859Huddersfield St Peter
Stott Nancy 1893Bradley St Thomas
CarterEliza1864Huddersfield St Peter
Cartwright Olga 1943Bradley St Thomas
CarterJames Hellewell 1864Huddersfield St Peter
Ryder Agnes Elizabeth 1948Bradley St Thomas
CarterJohn1872Huddersfield St Peter
Ryder Samuel Collett 1950Bradley St Thomas
BedfordMary1839Huddersfield St Peter
Wright Edwin 1944Bradley St Thomas
BedfordThomas1841Huddersfield St Peter
Wright Harold 1947Bradley St Thomas
BedfordCharles1853Huddersfield St Peter
Wright Gordon Bradley St Thomas
BedfordTen unnamed children Huddersfield St Peter
Wright Lizzie Gloria 1978Bradley St Thomas
BedfordHannah1854Huddersfield St Peter
Swallow Harry 1945Bradley St Thomas
EastwoodGeorge1830Huddersfield St Peter
Swallow Mary Ann 1909Bradley St Thomas
EastwoodHenryHuddersfield St Peter
Barritt Annie 1945Bradley St Thomas
EastwoodEllenHuddersfield St Peter
Barritt Herbert G 1957Bradley St Thomas
EastwoodSarah Ann Huddersfield St Peter
Sheard Alice Ann 1945Bradley St Thomas
BarkerHannah1846Huddersfield St Peter
Wright Ada 1945Bradley St Thomas
BarkerElizabeth1847Huddersfield St Peter
Wright Thomas 1962Bradley St Thomas
EastwoodHannah1850Huddersfield St Peter
Temperton James 1885Bradley St Thomas
ThorntonThomas1811Huddersfield St Peter
Temperton Agnes 1885Bradley St Thomas
ThorntonJoseph1825Huddersfield St Peter
Garside Agnes Ann 1928Bradley St Thomas
ThorntonAbigail1826Huddersfield St Peter
Denton Joseph 1890Bradley St Thomas
BurrowsHannah1873Huddersfield St Peter
Denton Ann 1886Bradley St Thomas
HarpinEdward Haigh 1826Huddersfield St Peter
Wright Emma 1892Bradley St Thomas
HarpinDaniel1830Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Issac 1874Bradley St Thomas
HarpinEliza1837Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Jane 1875Bradley St Thomas
HirstHenry1816Huddersfield St Peter
Hirst Eliza 1885Bradley St Thomas
HirstJames1816Huddersfield St Peter
Barrit Charles Edwin 1880Bradley St Thomas
HirstJames1817Huddersfield St Peter
Barrit Hannah 1899Bradley St Thomas
HirstJane1818Huddersfield St Peter
Barrit Rachel 1933Bradley St Thomas
HirstJoseph1829Huddersfield St Peter
Schofield Thomas Joseph 1889Bradley St Thomas
HirstMary Ann 1839Huddersfield St Peter
Schofield Joseph Bradley St Thomas
BottomleySarah1812Huddersfield St Peter
Schofield Hannah 1899Bradley St Thomas
BottomleyJane1819Huddersfield St Peter
Smith Mary 1955Bradley St Thomas
BottomleyJames1821Huddersfield St Peter
Armitage Joe 1912Bradley St Thomas
McKenzieHannah1845Huddersfield St Peter
Armitage Margaret Anne 1932Bradley St Thomas
LecceGeorge1821Huddersfield St Peter
Armitage Mary Emma 1878Bradley St Thomas
LecceWilliam1822Huddersfield St Peter
Holding John 1896Bradley St Thomas
LecceGrace1826Huddersfield St Peter
Holding Annie 1899Bradley St Thomas
HareJohn1815Huddersfield St Peter
Holding Herbert T 1885Bradley St Thomas
HareThomas1820Huddersfield St Peter
Holding Harold 1892Bradley St Thomas
HareJane1820Huddersfield St Peter
Ward Sarah 1880Bradley St Thomas
HareMargaret1838Huddersfield St Peter
Ward Henry Stace 1907Bradley St Thomas
HareGeorge1838Huddersfield St Peter
Ward Agnes 1922Bradley St Thomas
HareEdward Francis 1838Huddersfield St Peter
Ward Ada Maria 1881Bradley St Thomas
HareGeorge1855Huddersfield St Peter
Hebblethwaite Joseph 1877Bradley St Thomas
HareMargaret1869Huddersfield St Peter
Hebblethwaite James 1878Bradley St Thomas
TaylorAlice1791Huddersfield St Peter
Hebblethwaite John 1881Bradley St Thomas
TaylorJohn1793Huddersfield St Peter
Hebblethwaite Richard 1886Bradley St Thomas
TaylorJames1794Huddersfield St Peter
Hebblethwaite Sally 1893Bradley St Thomas
TaylorJoseph1802Huddersfield St Peter
Bean Dick J 1946Bradley St Thomas
TaylorMartha1815Huddersfield St Peter
Bean Alice 1950Bradley St Thomas
TaylorDavid1824Huddersfield St Peter
Pickup Clara 1946Bradley St Thomas
TaylorAnn1836Huddersfield St Peter
Pickup Ernest 1955Bradley St Thomas
TaylorDavid1849Huddersfield St Peter
Heppinstall Albert 1949Bradley St Thomas
TaylorJohn1823Huddersfield St Peter
Heppinstall Mary Jane 1956Bradley St Thomas
TaylorAnn1824Huddersfield St Peter
Danaher Arthur 1949Bradley St Thomas
TaylorSusannah1840Huddersfield St Peter
Danaher Eliza 1966Bradley St Thomas
StocksSarah1789Huddersfield St Peter
Carey Henry 1956Bradley St Thomas
StocksMary1792Huddersfield St Peter
Carey Alice May 1967Bradley St Thomas
StocksAnn1792Huddersfield St Peter
Cooper Arthur James 1956Bradley St Thomas
StocksMary1810Huddersfield St Peter
Cooper Gertrude 1951Bradley St Thomas
StocksMary1811Huddersfield St Peter
Walker Eliza Ann 1913Bradley St Thomas
StocksMary1821Huddersfield St Peter
Walker Albert 1880Bradley St Thomas
StocksWilliam1840Huddersfield St Peter
Walker Evelyn 1891Bradley St Thomas
StocksHelen Maria 1850Huddersfield St Peter
Walker Edward 1922Bradley St Thomas
StocksWilliam1851Huddersfield St Peter
Armitage Rachel 1881Bradley St Thomas
StocksJane Vazeille 1875Huddersfield St Peter
Armitage Thomas 1902Bradley St Thomas
NutterAbraham1793Huddersfield St Peter
Spivey Henry C [1908]Bradley St Thomas
NutterGeorge1800Huddersfield St Peter
Spivey Caroline 1912Bradley St Thomas
NutterElizabeth1800Huddersfield St Peter
Spivey William [1904]Bradley St Thomas
NutterMatthew1803Huddersfield St Peter
Wardle Maria 1880Bradley St Thomas
NutterAnn1804Huddersfield St Peter
Wardle Robert 1907Bradley St Thomas
NutterWilliam1811Huddersfield St Peter
Ibberson Ellen 1880Bradley St Thomas
NutterMary Ann 1816Huddersfield St Peter
Armitage Mabel 1949Bradley St Thomas
NutterMary1827Huddersfield St Peter
Armitage Cyril 1979Bradley St Thomas
NutterAgnes1853Huddersfield St Peter
Armitage Leonard 1950Bradley St Thomas
EnglandThomas1812Huddersfield St Peter
Flowers Walter 1950Bradley St Thomas
BarkerHerbert William Huddersfield St Peter
Flowers Lily 1966Bradley St Thomas
BarkerHenryHuddersfield St Peter
Morton Leonard 1950Bradley St Thomas
BarkerCharles Herbert Huddersfield St Peter
Morton Abbey 1951Bradley St Thomas
BarkerCatharineHuddersfield St Peter
Hardy Fred 1952Bradley St Thomas
BarkerElizaHuddersfield St Peter
Hardy Minnie 1966Bradley St Thomas
BarkerWilliam1859Huddersfield St Peter
Morgan Gertrude Annie 1957Bradley St Thomas
BarkerMary1875Huddersfield St Peter
Williams Collwyn 1957Bradley St Thomas
MoorhouseJohn1793Huddersfield St Peter
Williams Mabel 1985Bradley St Thomas
MoorhouseMary1797Huddersfield St Peter
Mitton Samuel 1898Bradley St Thomas
LockwoodWilliam1802Huddersfield St Peter
Mitton Sarah Elizabeth 1936Bradley St Thomas
LockwoodMartha1813Huddersfield St Peter
Mitton Norman 1919Bradley St Thomas
LockwoodHannah1814Huddersfield St Peter
Mitton Charlotte Bradley St Thomas
LockwoodGeorge1829Huddersfield St Peter
Mitton John Bradley St Thomas
JowittJane1817Huddersfield St Peter
Mitton Leonard Bradley St Thomas
JowittEdwin1818Huddersfield St Peter
Garside Benjamin Harold 1950Bradley St Thomas
JowittWilliam1820Huddersfield St Peter
Fleming William 1951Bradley St Thomas
JowittWilliam1825Huddersfield St Peter
Cliffe Leonora 1951Bradley St Thomas
BradleyHannah1763Huddersfield St Peter
Cliffe Francis Bayes 1954Bradley St Thomas
BradleyMary1782Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson Walter 1951Bradley St Thomas
BradleyJohn1784Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson Elizabeth 1964Bradley St Thomas
BradleyJoseph1787Huddersfield St Peter
Derham Thomas 1954Bradley St Thomas
BradleyJohn1791Huddersfield St Peter
Derham Hannah Crossland 1951Bradley St Thomas
BradleyMary1802Huddersfield St Peter
Pashley Annie Elizabeth 1952Bradley St Thomas
BradleyGeorge1797Huddersfield St Peter
Pashley Ernest 1971Bradley St Thomas
BradleyJoseph1797Huddersfield St Peter
Schofield John 1954Bradley St Thomas
BradleyWilliam1836Huddersfield St Peter
Schofield Mary Ann 1958Bradley St Thomas
BradleySarah1838Huddersfield St Peter
Schofield Nellie 1921Bradley St Thomas
LockwoodMary Ann 1801Huddersfield St Peter
Schofield Alice 1919Bradley St Thomas
LockwoodAnn1805Huddersfield St Peter
Schofield Betsy 1919Bradley St Thomas
LockwoodSarah1810Huddersfield St Peter
Schofield Fred 1917Bradley St Thomas
LockwoodJemima1830Huddersfield St Peter
Sugden Joe 1958Bradley St Thomas
LockwoodJames1834Huddersfield St Peter
Sugden Ethel 1964Bradley St Thomas
BeaumontBessy1846Huddersfield St Peter
Williams Henry Arthur 1885Bradley St Thomas
BeaumontSarah1850Huddersfield St Peter
Kibble Sidney George 1904Bradley St Thomas
BeaumontAbraham1853Huddersfield St Peter
Kibble Hannah 1908Bradley St Thomas
GledhillEleanor1825Huddersfield St Peter
Hardaker John Thomas 1952Bradley St Thomas
GledhillGeorge1827Huddersfield St Peter
Hardaker Mary Jane 1955Bradley St Thomas
GledhillDavid1838Huddersfield St Peter
Hardaker Roy 1957Bradley St Thomas
BarkerJames1797Huddersfield St Peter
Munt Ethel 1953Bradley St Thomas
LaytonThomas1826Huddersfield St Peter
Munt Arthur 1967Bradley St Thomas
LaytonMary1827Huddersfield St Peter
Duquemin Florence Mary 1959Bradley St Thomas
LaytonHannah1861Huddersfield St Peter
Duquemin Joseph Henry 1965Bradley St Thomas
GowardEdmund1819Huddersfield St Peter
Beaumont Margaret 1960Bradley St Thomas
GowardMary1821Huddersfield St Peter
Akroyd George 1885Bradley St Thomas
GowardJohn1832Huddersfield St Peter
Akroyd Mary Ann 1904Bradley St Thomas
PerkinsMary1797Huddersfield St Peter
Akroyd John 1941Bradley St Thomas
AndersonJoseph1802Huddersfield St Peter
Beamont William 1884Bradley St Thomas
FosterThomas1802Huddersfield St Peter
Skyes Millner 1925Bradley St Thomas
MetcalfSamuel1803Huddersfield St Peter
Skyes Elizabeth 1933Bradley St Thomas
MetcalfAnn1803Huddersfield St Peter
Robinson Mary Jane 1888Bradley St Thomas
MetcalfMartha1846Huddersfield St Peter
Robinson Thomas 1887Bradley St Thomas
RobsonJames1807Huddersfield St Peter
Robinson Sarah 1903Bradley St Thomas
RobsonJohn1851Huddersfield St Peter
Robinson Annie Elizabeth 1909Bradley St Thomas
RobsonMaria1856Huddersfield St Peter
Mallinson Elizabeth 1961Bradley St Thomas
RobsonCornelius1814Huddersfield St Peter
Kimberlin Barrie Stuart 1961Bradley St Thomas
HudsonHenry1795Huddersfield St Peter
Kimberlin Sidney Horace 1974Bradley St Thomas
HudsonThomas1800Huddersfield St Peter
Kimberlin Doris 1982Bradley St Thomas
HudsonFrederick1824Huddersfield St Peter
Sykes Gerald 1961Bradley St Thomas
HudsonRobert Bankes 1847Huddersfield St Peter
McCartan James William 1963Bradley St Thomas
HudsonThomas1817Huddersfield St Peter
McCartan Isabella 1980Bradley St Thomas
HudsonAnn1857Huddersfield St Peter
Bowe Joseph 1963Bradley St Thomas
HudsonPriscilla1860Huddersfield St Peter
Banks George 1963Bradley St Thomas
HudsonCatharine1883Huddersfield St Peter
Monks Thomas Wilfred 1964Bradley St Thomas
PerkinJoseph1806Huddersfield St Peter
Monks Vina 1984Bradley St Thomas
PerkinRobert1808Huddersfield St Peter
Shaw Leonard 1965Bradley St Thomas
PerkinWilliam1815Huddersfield St Peter
Nunns Willie 1965Bradley St Thomas
HawkinsFanney1804Huddersfield St Peter
Holding James 1885Bradley St Thomas
HawkinsJohn1836Huddersfield St Peter
Holding Ellen 1893Bradley St Thomas
HawkinsJane1805Huddersfield St Peter
Holding Willie 1915Bradley St Thomas
HawkinsEllenor1808Huddersfield St Peter
Holding Martha 1927Bradley St Thomas
HawkinsMary1816Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Emma Jane 1920Bradley St Thomas
HawkinsGeorge Hadwin 1828Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Miriam 1884Bradley St Thomas
HawkinsMary Hadwin 1831Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Frank 1929Bradley St Thomas
DearnleyWilliam1802Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Miriam 1893Bradley St Thomas
BradleyMatthew1773Huddersfield St Peter
Lodge Clara 1865Bradley St Thomas
BradleyMartha1796Huddersfield St Peter
Lodge Herbert 1866Bradley St Thomas
BeatsonJoshua1797Huddersfield St Peter
Lodge Malina 1869Bradley St Thomas
SykesGeorge1834Huddersfield St Peter
Lodge Priscilla 1884Bradley St Thomas
HirstHannah1840Huddersfield St Peter
Berry Ernest 1965Bradley St Thomas
ThorntonGrace1849Huddersfield St Peter
Berry Bertha 1985Bradley St Thomas
ThorntonJames Crosland 1855Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Clement 1965Bradley St Thomas
HudsonMary Ann 1802Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Marion 1975Bradley St Thomas
HudsonElizabeth1814Huddersfield St Peter
Liddle Isabella 1967Bradley St Thomas
HudsonWilliam1816Huddersfield St Peter
Brewins Eileen 1967Bradley St Thomas
HudsonJacob1823Huddersfield St Peter
Foster Hannah Mary 1968Bradley St Thomas
KayeJane Lewis 1838Huddersfield St Peter
Foster Arthur 1978Bradley St Thomas
KayeSarah Ann 1875Huddersfield St Peter
Dejanovic Luka 1969Bradley St Thomas
KayeSarah1840Huddersfield St Peter
Herbert Diane Beverley 1971Bradley St Thomas
BlakeyPeter1800Huddersfield St Peter
Hutchinson Mark Bradley St Thomas
BlakeyMary1800Huddersfield St Peter
Hutchinson Margaret 1889Bradley St Thomas
BlakeyThomas1843Huddersfield St Peter
Hutchinson Elizabeth 1892Bradley St Thomas
BlakeyAnn1846Huddersfield St Peter
Atkinson Hannah Elizabeth 1891Bradley St Thomas
HaighAnn Howarth 1846Huddersfield St Peter
Broadbent John Kenneth 1972Bradley St Thomas
NorthAnn1797Huddersfield St Peter
Lee James Henry 1972Bradley St Thomas
NorthWilliam1815Huddersfield St Peter
Lee Rose Cynthia 1973Bradley St Thomas
NorthRachel1836Huddersfield St Peter
Thornton Gary Brian 1975Bradley St Thomas
NorthRachel1832Huddersfield St Peter
Shannon Edith 1982Bradley St Thomas
NorthJohn1842Huddersfield St Peter
Dickinson James [19]81 Bradley St Thomas
RobinsonAnn1810Huddersfield St Peter
Dickinson Mary [19]81 Bradley St Thomas
RobinsonIsaac1833Huddersfield St Peter
Knockton Tony 1981Bradley St Thomas
RobinsonElizabeth1842Huddersfield St Peter
Duquemin Robert Henry 1979Bradley St Thomas
RobinsonMary Ann 1813Huddersfield St Peter
Boswell Rhoda 1986Bradley St Thomas
LucasMary1813Huddersfield St Peter
MacDonald Lottie 1985Bradley St Thomas
LucasWilliam1821Huddersfield St Peter
Livesey Scott 1980Bradley St Thomas
LucasAnn1814Huddersfield St Peter
Shaw Allen 1929Bradley St Thomas
LucasCatharine1862Huddersfield St Peter
Shaw Mary Grace 1949Bradley St Thomas
WilcockWilliam1824Huddersfield St Peter
Shaw Mary Ellen 1973Bradley St Thomas
WilcockNancy1822Huddersfield St Peter
Sykes Mathew 1905Bradley St Thomas
WilcockSarah1808Huddersfield St Peter
Sykes Martha Ann 1929Bradley St Thomas
BlakeyJames1795Huddersfield St Peter
Sykes Arthur 1909Bradley St Thomas
BlakeyJames1840Huddersfield St Peter
Akroyd Charlotte Olive 1902Bradley St Thomas
BlakeyMary1795Huddersfield St Peter
Halstead Arthur 1959Bradley St Thomas
BlakeyJohn1795Huddersfield St Peter
Halstead Evelyn 1960Bradley St Thomas
BlakeyJohn1815Huddersfield St Peter
Akroyd Sarah Ann 1943Bradley St Thomas
BlakeyChristiana1834Huddersfield St Peter
Akroyd Helliwell 1947Bradley St Thomas
BlakeyJames1847Huddersfield St Peter
Morris Frances Ann 1926Bradley St Thomas
DruryThomas1789Huddersfield St Peter
Morris Reginald 1904Bradley St Thomas
DruryNanny1826Huddersfield St Peter
Morris Christopher 1925Bradley St Thomas
BillingtonFrancis1836Huddersfield St Peter
Morris Lionel Yates 1868Bradley St Thomas
BillingtonNanny1848Huddersfield St Peter
Haigh Jonathan 1867Bradley St Thomas
BillingtonJohn1850Huddersfield St Peter
Haigh Elizabeth 1873Bradley St Thomas
BurkinshawSarah1802Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Annie 1925Bradley St Thomas
PulleineSarah1803Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Harry 1935Bradley St Thomas
BurkinshawAnn1819Huddersfield St Peter
Brearley William Ernest 1912Bradley St Thomas
WilcockHannah1794Huddersfield St Peter
Brearley Ernest 1939Bradley St Thomas
WilcockSarah1807Huddersfield St Peter
Brearley Jane Hannah 1934Bradley St Thomas
WilcockHannah1797Huddersfield St Peter
Pickering Selina 1918Bradley St Thomas
WilcockMary1801Huddersfield St Peter
Sykes Walter 1916Bradley St Thomas
ClayRichard1793Huddersfield St Peter
Sykes Jane 1933Bradley St Thomas
ClayMargaret1812Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Sykes 1940Bradley St Thomas
HoltMargaret1839Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Lily 1947Bradley St Thomas
ClayRichard1840Huddersfield St Peter
Smith Mary Elizabeth 1910Bradley St Thomas
TindaleMatilda1841Huddersfield St Peter
Smith Frank 1916Bradley St Thomas
HirstBenjamin1835Huddersfield St Peter
Garside James William 1924Bradley St Thomas
HirstThree unnamed children Huddersfield St Peter
Littlewood Thomas 1917Bradley St Thomas
CardwellMary Ann 1853Huddersfield St Peter
Littlewood Mary Ann 1923Bradley St Thomas
HirstMartha1855Huddersfield St Peter
Littlewood Alfred 1952Bradley St Thomas
SmithAnna1817Huddersfield St Peter
Smales Lydia Ann 1917Bradley St Thomas
SmithJames1825Huddersfield St Peter
Smales Jesse 1919Bradley St Thomas
SmithSarah1832Huddersfield St Peter
Sutcliffe David 1927Bradley St Thomas
SmithRichard1823Huddersfield St Peter
Sutcliffe Isabella 1953Bradley St Thomas
SmithElizabeth1841Huddersfield St Peter
Sutcliffe Hannah 1917Bradley St Thomas
GarsideJohn1840Huddersfield St Peter
Shaw Mary Ann 1909Bradley St Thomas
GarsideSarah1840Huddersfield St Peter
Rusby Eunice 1916Bradley St Thomas
HellawellElizabeth Ann1822Huddersfield St Peter
Brook John 1913Bradley St Thomas
HellawellWilliam1838Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Mary 1925Bradley St Thomas
HellawellAnn1843Huddersfield St Peter
Blamires Annie 1900Bradley St Thomas
HellawellJames Nathaniel 1832Huddersfield St Peter
Jerram Edward Reginald 1903Bradley St Thomas
HellawellWilliam Henry 1853Huddersfield St Peter
French Margaret Thornton 1937Bradley St Thomas
SwiftRebecca1809Huddersfield St Peter
French George William 1937Bradley St Thomas
SwiftJames1818Huddersfield St Peter
Shaw John Kenyon 1924Bradley St Thomas
SwiftHannah1815Huddersfield St Peter
Shaw Philip Knart 1930Bradley St Thomas
SwiftHannah1836Huddersfield St Peter
Shaw Oliver Bradley St Thomas
SwiftCharles1811Huddersfield St Peter
Trimmer Peggy Margret Mary 1907Bradley St Thomas
SwiftCaroline1841Huddersfield St Peter
Trimmer Edmund Howard 1915Bradley St Thomas
SwiftSamuel1844Huddersfield St Peter
Trimmer George Ernest 1897Bradley St Thomas
SwiftSamuel1842Huddersfield St Peter
Trimmer Sarah 1907Bradley St Thomas
BradleyAmelia1815Huddersfield St Peter
French Elizabeth 1925Bradley St Thomas
BradleyMatthew1839Huddersfield St Peter
French Alfred Winter 1927Bradley St Thomas
BradleyRebecca1875Huddersfield St Peter
French Annie 1945Bradley St Thomas
BradleyEdward1817Huddersfield St Peter
Hartley Violet 1918Bradley St Thomas
BradleyHenry1815Huddersfield St Peter
Hartley John V 1918Bradley St Thomas
BradleyGeorge1821Huddersfield St Peter
Brooke Joseph Bradley St Thomas
BradleySarah1862Huddersfield St Peter
Brooke Mary S 1937Bradley St Thomas
HudsonJenny1804Huddersfield St Peter
Bamforth Alberta 1919Bradley St Thomas
HudsonRichard1816Huddersfield St Peter
Lindley James 1915Bradley St Thomas
HudsonRebecca1810Huddersfield St Peter
Scott Emily 1941Bradley St Thomas
HudsonJoseph1805Huddersfield St Peter
Scott Albert 1953Bradley St Thomas
HudsonAnn1817Huddersfield St Peter
Lodge John Edward 1938Bradley St Thomas
IbbetsonAnn1789Huddersfield St Peter
Lodge Lydia Frances 1956Bradley St Thomas
IbbetsonChristopher1789Huddersfield St Peter
Sugden Herbert 1943Bradley St Thomas
IbbetsonEdwin Fowles ????Huddersfield St Peter
Sugden Edith Edna 1976Bradley St Thomas
IbbetsonElizabeth1819Huddersfield St Peter
Greenwood Ellen Elizabeth 1926Bradley St Thomas
IbbetsonMelicent1829Huddersfield St Peter
Greenwood William 1934Bradley St Thomas
IbbetsonCaroline1824Huddersfield St Peter
Greenwood Percy 1973Bradley St Thomas
TaskerHarriet1790Huddersfield St Peter
Hargreaves  Carolin 1962Bradley St Thomas
TaskerJohn1812Huddersfield St Peter
Hargreaves Young 1962Bradley St Thomas
TaskerFrances1882Huddersfield St Peter
Ibbetson Albert 1948Bradley St Thomas
TaskerJames1799Huddersfield St Peter
Ibbetson Marjorie Bradley St Thomas
GarsideEleanor1847Huddersfield St Peter
Wood Thomas Henry 1925Bradley St Thomas
GarsideSilvester1866Huddersfield St Peter
Wood James 1942Bradley St Thomas
BrownJohn1804Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson George 1954Bradley St Thomas
BrownRichard1831Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson Percy 1955Bradley St Thomas
BrownBetty1813Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson Charles Ernest 1964Bradley St Thomas
DysonJohn1854Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson Alice 1975Bradley St Thomas
DysonAnn Emmet 1862Huddersfield St Peter
Smart George 1943Bradley St Thomas
ClayEmpsall1816Huddersfield St Peter
Smart Edith 1975Bradley St Thomas
ClayJohn1827Huddersfield St Peter
Backhouse Henry 1941Bradley St Thomas
ClayHannah1859Huddersfield St Peter
Richardson Thomas William 1938Bradley St Thomas
SmithHannah1831Huddersfield St Peter
Richardson Alice 1948Bradley St Thomas
ClayThomas1788Huddersfield St Peter
Mallinson Sarah 1927Bradley St Thomas
ClayRobert1814Huddersfield St Peter
Mallinson Dyson 1943Bradley St Thomas
ClaySarah1827Huddersfield St Peter
Brooke Ethel Victoria 1926Bradley St Thomas
ClayHannah1829Huddersfield St Peter
Dyson Walter Scott 1939Bradley St Thomas
ClayMary1864Huddersfield St Peter
Dyson Ann 1952Bradley St Thomas
HudsonThomas1796Huddersfield St Peter
Turner Caroline 1935Bradley St Thomas
HudsonMary1779Huddersfield St Peter
Turner George Thomas 1944Bradley St Thomas
HudsonThomas1785Huddersfield St Peter
Rusby Herbert 1933Bradley St Thomas
HudsonAnna1785Huddersfield St Peter
Taylor Edith 1943Bradley St Thomas
HudsonJane1785Huddersfield St Peter
Hopwood Harry Brewer 1937Bradley St Thomas
NutterThos. Hudson 1843Huddersfield St Peter
Hopwood Beatrice 1957Bradley St Thomas
WoodHannah1791Huddersfield St Peter
Brooke Florence 1939Bradley St Thomas
WoodEliza1795Huddersfield St Peter
Brooke Ben Hall 1957Bradley St Thomas
GreenwoodJohn1819Huddersfield St Peter
Addy Harry 1929Bradley St Thomas
PonteyJane1796Huddersfield St Peter
Addy Mary 1933Bradley St Thomas
ParkinAnn1790Huddersfield St Peter
Addy Stanley 1982Bradley St Thomas
PonteyLindley1829Huddersfield St Peter
Haigh Charles Thomas Ernest 1927Bradley St Thomas
PonteyMary Ann 1866Huddersfield St Peter
Haigh Florence Ethel 1953Bradley St Thomas
PonteyEmma Jane 1832Huddersfield St Peter
Hood Lily 1938Bradley St Thomas
SikesW.M.S.1800Huddersfield St Peter
Hood Edward 1973Bradley St Thomas
SikesSilvester1811Huddersfield St Peter
Horner Joseph Harry 1939Bradley St Thomas
SikesR.S.1804Huddersfield St Peter
Horner Margaret 1954Bradley St Thomas
SikesM.A.H.1807Huddersfield St Peter
Brooke Dennis 1938Bradley St Thomas
SikesM.H.1808Huddersfield St Peter
Brooke James 1968Bradley St Thomas
FlocktonTabathy1797Huddersfield St Peter
Brooke Susannah 1960Bradley St Thomas
FlocktonGrace1818Huddersfield St Peter
Credland Fred 1939Bradley St Thomas
FlocktonWilliam1825Huddersfield St Peter
Credland Fanny 1954Bradley St Thomas
DysonJohn1812Huddersfield St Peter
Credland Louisa 1962Bradley St Thomas
DysonSarah1820Huddersfield St Peter
Lee Harry 1939Bradley St Thomas
DysonJohn1821Huddersfield St Peter
Lee Mary Ethel 1964Bradley St Thomas
DysonJoseph1798Huddersfield St Peter
Bennett Walter 1941Bradley St Thomas
DysonSarah1833Huddersfield St Peter
Bennett Edith 1945Bradley St Thomas
ShiersWilliam1792Huddersfield St Peter
Folbigg George 1955Bradley St Thomas
ShiersThomas1792Huddersfield St Peter
Folbigg Susan M E 1952Bradley St Thomas
ShiersElizabeth1808Huddersfield St Peter
Folbigg Lucy May 1940Bradley St Thomas
ShiersAnn1804Huddersfield St Peter
Murphy Elizabeth 1869Bradley St Thomas
ShiersThos. Mitten 1821Huddersfield St Peter
Senior Francis 1912Bradley St Thomas
WilsonJohn1794Huddersfield St Peter
Senior John 1901Bradley St Thomas
WilsonElizabeth1794Huddersfield St Peter
Senior Mary 1873Bradley St Thomas
WilsonPhillis1794Huddersfield St Peter
Senior George 1882Bradley St Thomas
WilsonAnn1795Huddersfield St Peter
Garside Ellen 1879Bradley St Thomas
WilsonSarah1797Huddersfield St Peter
Garside Stephen 1891Bradley St Thomas
WilsonJohn1808Huddersfield St Peter
Garside Robert 1920Bradley St Thomas
RobinsonElizabeth1800Huddersfield St Peter
Garside Elizabeth 1929Bradley St Thomas
MachanFrances1803Huddersfield St Peter
Garside Sam 1883Bradley St Thomas
RobinsonAgnes1803Huddersfield St Peter
Brook George 1880Bradley St Thomas
MachanSarah1808Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Mary 1896Bradley St Thomas
RobinsonWilliam1814Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Sarah Elizabeth 1906Bradley St Thomas
MachanSarah1818Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Sam 1947Bradley St Thomas
MachanGeorge1808Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Harriet 1921Bradley St Thomas
MachanJohn1808Huddersfield St Peter
Bothroyd John 1880Bradley St Thomas
MachanLydia1806Huddersfield St Peter
Bothroyd Sarah 1903Bradley St Thomas
MachanAllinson1823Huddersfield St Peter
Brewer John 1906Bradley St Thomas
MachanWilliam1826Huddersfield St Peter
Brewer Caroline 1935Bradley St Thomas
WestobyJohn1843Huddersfield St Peter
Greenfield Sarah Agnes 1948Bradley St Thomas
WestobyJane1820Huddersfield St Peter
Garforth Thomas 1915Bradley St Thomas
WestobyJohn1854Huddersfield St Peter
Garforth Jane 1904Bradley St Thomas
WestobyElizabeth1866Huddersfield St Peter
Leeming Mary Ann 1865Bradley St Thomas
WatkinsonMarianne1816Huddersfield St Peter
Leeming Charles 1919Bradley St Thomas
WatkinsonWilliam1816Huddersfield St Peter
Leeming Percy 1891Bradley St Thomas
SwiftHelen1802Huddersfield St Peter
Leeming Robert Henry 1898Bradley St Thomas
SwiftJames1818Huddersfield St Peter
Brook George Henry 1867Bradley St Thomas
SwiftSarah1839Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Mary 1907Bradley St Thomas
SwiftHawksworth1802Huddersfield St Peter
Brook George 1900Bradley St Thomas
SwiftWilliam Hawksworth 1806Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Fanny 1870Bradley St Thomas
SwiftJohn Smith 1808Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Christopher 1878Bradley St Thomas
SwiftMartha1821Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Ernest 1916Bradley St Thomas
SwiftElizabeth1830Huddersfield St Peter
Howarth Joseph 1869Bradley St Thomas
EastwoodThomas1797Huddersfield St Peter
Howarth Mary 1875Bradley St Thomas
EastwoodMary1819Huddersfield St Peter
Howarth Martha 1902Bradley St Thomas
EastwoodThomas Walter 1815Huddersfield St Peter
Berry John Edward 1868Bradley St Thomas
EastwoodJohn1825Huddersfield St Peter
Jones James William 1875Bradley St Thomas
EastwoodEmma1828Huddersfield St Peter
Jones Mary Ann 1902Bradley St Thomas
BrookThomas1807Huddersfield St Peter
Jones David Robert 1885Bradley St Thomas
BlackburnMary1806Huddersfield St Peter
Jones Hetty 1905Bradley St Thomas
BlackburnJohn1809Huddersfield St Peter
Oldfield Harriet 1869Bradley St Thomas
HillHannah1843Huddersfield St Peter
Oldfield Squire 1879Bradley St Thomas
HillJohn1846Huddersfield St Peter
Oldfield David 1894Bradley St Thomas
HillClara1856Huddersfield St Peter
Horton  Mary 1869Bradley St Thomas
HillAgnes1861Huddersfield St Peter
Horton Thomas 1872Bradley St Thomas
HillElizabeth1814Huddersfield St Peter
Horton Ann 1900Bradley St Thomas
HillJoseph1865Huddersfield St Peter
Horton Clara 1873Bradley St Thomas
HillWilliam1815Huddersfield St Peter
Horton Henry 1936Bradley St Thomas
HillHannah1825Huddersfield St Peter
Horton Annitta 1900Bradley St Thomas
HillHannah1848Huddersfield St Peter
Horton Mary Ellen 1876Bradley St Thomas
HillMary1828Huddersfield St Peter
Cliffe Sam 1871Bradley St Thomas
HillEdward1834Huddersfield St Peter
Cliffe Isaac 1875Bradley St Thomas
HillJohn1844Huddersfield St Peter
Pearson Thomas 1870Bradley St Thomas
HillLuke Crosby 1865Huddersfield St Peter
Pearson Sarah Ann 1872Bradley St Thomas
BrookHenry1817Huddersfield St Peter
Pearson Ann 1893Bradley St Thomas
BrookMartha1844Huddersfield St Peter
Pearson Bessie 1882Bradley St Thomas
BrookWilliam1827Huddersfield St Peter
Sugden Charlotte 1871Bradley St Thomas
BrookMartha1831Huddersfield St Peter
Sugden James 1909Bradley St Thomas
BrookWilliam1845Huddersfield St Peter
Sugden Hannah 1906Bradley St Thomas
BrookAnn1875Huddersfield St Peter
Sugden Mary 1876Bradley St Thomas
BrookWilliam1863Huddersfield St Peter
Ramsden David 1900Bradley St Thomas
BoothJames1806Huddersfield St Peter
Ramsden Ada 1873Bradley St Thomas
BoothBenjamin1806Huddersfield St Peter
Ramsden Mary 1908Bradley St Thomas
BoothJohn1810Huddersfield St Peter
Ramsden Emily 1926Bradley St Thomas
BoothCharlotte1819Huddersfield St Peter
Priestly James 1860Bradley St Thomas
BoothJoseph1826Huddersfield St Peter
Priestly Ann 1881Bradley St Thomas
BoothAnn1836Huddersfield St Peter
Howarth Hannah Maria 1886Bradley St Thomas
BrookEdwin1840Huddersfield St Peter
Howarth John Thomas 1903Bradley St Thomas
HobkirkElizabeth1842Huddersfield St Peter
Howarth Alice 1888Bradley St Thomas
ShawJoseph1807Huddersfield St Peter
Oakes James 1870Bradley St Thomas
ShawJames1811Huddersfield St Peter
Oakes Jane 1871Bradley St Thomas
ShawThomas1814Huddersfield St Peter
Hirst Ann 1899Bradley St Thomas
HallBetty1805Huddersfield St Peter
Hirst Joe 1924Bradley St Thomas
HallMary1805Huddersfield St Peter
Hirst Alice Mary 1949Bradley St Thomas
HartleyAnn1829Huddersfield St Peter
Lockwood Mary 1888Bradley St Thomas
HallAbraham1803Huddersfield St Peter
Barritt Rachael 1871Bradley St Thomas
CraigJames1759Huddersfield St Peter
Barritt John 1879Bradley St Thomas
ChartersWilliam1777Huddersfield St Peter
Barritt George 1883Bradley St Thomas
BeckJohn1808Huddersfield St Peter
Poole Rachael 1917Bradley St Thomas
HayleyJohn1819Huddersfield St Peter
Gibson Harold 1888Bradley St Thomas
GregoryEdward1827Huddersfield St Peter
Gibson Sidney 1941Bradley St Thomas
InmanSarah1808Huddersfield St Peter
Gibson Sarah Jane 1987Bradley St Thomas
InmanThomas1812Huddersfield St Peter
Gibson Laura 1894Bradley St Thomas
InmanWilliam1880Huddersfield St Peter
Gibson Clara 1896Bradley St Thomas
SykesHannah1815Huddersfield St Peter
Gibson Alice 1916Bradley St Thomas
GibsonHenry1845Huddersfield St Peter
Dransfield Charlotte 1873Bradley St Thomas
GibsonElizabeth1855Huddersfield St Peter
Dransfield John 1892Bradley St Thomas
HodgsonWatson1849Huddersfield St Peter
Dransfield Harriet 1880Bradley St Thomas
HodgsonMary Ellen 1852Huddersfield St Peter
Pearson Sarah 1872Bradley St Thomas
ClaytonJames1820Huddersfield St Peter
Pearson John 1882Bradley St Thomas
ClaytonJames1822Huddersfield St Peter
Green Elizabeth 1876Bradley St Thomas
ClaytonSarah1832Huddersfield St Peter
Green George 1903Bradley St Thomas
ClaytonJohn1832Huddersfield St Peter
Archer Emily 1909Bradley St Thomas
ClaytonWilliam1842Huddersfield St Peter
Rusby Mary 1876Bradley St Thomas
GledhillSarah1832Huddersfield St Peter
Rusby Alice 1880Bradley St Thomas
DransfieldMary1835Huddersfield St Peter
Rusby William 1880Bradley St Thomas
GledhillAnn1836Huddersfield St Peter
Scholes Anne Elizabeth 1873Bradley St Thomas
GledhillBetsy1838Huddersfield St Peter
Scholes James 1896Bradley St Thomas
GledhillChristopher1844Huddersfield St Peter
Scholes Jibson Bentley 1944Bradley St Thomas
GledhillJoseph1846Huddersfield St Peter
Scholes Ann Elizabeth 1873Bradley St Thomas
GledhillBenjamin1851Huddersfield St Peter
Scholes Ann Horn 1913Bradley St Thomas
MakinMartha1817Huddersfield St Peter
Priestley James 1900Bradley St Thomas
MakinEdward1820Huddersfield St Peter
Bentley Jibson Bradley St Thomas
MakinCaroline1827Huddersfield St Peter
Spence Edward 1891Bradley St Thomas
MakinJames Edward 1838Huddersfield St Peter
Spence Hannah 1927Bradley St Thomas
BlandJohn1820Huddersfield St Peter
Spence John Edward 1889Bradley St Thomas
RhodesBetty1786Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson Bennet 1934Bradley St Thomas
RhodesJoseph1787Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson Annie 1945Bradley St Thomas
RhodesMary1787Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson Sykes 1875Bradley St Thomas
RhodesAbraham1789Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson William 1883Bradley St Thomas
RhodesMartha1790Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson Hannah 1886Bradley St Thomas
RhodesWilliam1794Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson Emma 1894Bradley St Thomas
RhodesRebekah1808Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson Rachel 1923Bradley St Thomas
RhodesHannah1830Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Nancy 1876Bradley St Thomas
RhodesWilliam1841Huddersfield St Peter
Carter  William 1901Bradley St Thomas
BroadbentRowland1806Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Mary Ann 1903Bradley St Thomas
BroadbentJane1830Huddersfield St Peter
Carter John William 1915Bradley St Thomas
BroadbentJohn1842Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Sarah 1937Bradley St Thomas
BroadbentEllen1846Huddersfield St Peter
Carter John 1922Bradley St Thomas
BroadbentThomas Heelis 1883Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Elizabeth 1941Bradley St Thomas
HerringJohn1810Huddersfield St Peter
Littlewood John 1898Bradley St Thomas
HerringRichard1811Huddersfield St Peter
Littlewood Harry 1868Bradley St Thomas
HerringGrace1818Huddersfield St Peter
Littlewood Mary Hannah 1872Bradley St Thomas
HerringThomas1860Huddersfield St Peter
Littlewood Fred 1877Bradley St Thomas
CooperJudith1819Huddersfield St Peter
Littlewood Sam 1888Bradley St Thomas
OldfieldWilliam1817Huddersfield St Peter
Littlewood Ann 1911Bradley St Thomas
OldfieldGeorge1818Huddersfield St Peter
Littlewood Mary 1884Bradley St Thomas
OldfieldHenry1833Huddersfield St Peter
Pogson Emma Erica 1888Bradley St Thomas
MellorJoseph1840Huddersfield St Peter
Pogson Samuel 1890Bradley St Thomas
MellorMartha1864Huddersfield St Peter
Pogson Eliza 1910Bradley St Thomas
GreenwoodMary1704Huddersfield St Peter
Pogson Arthur 1927Bradley St Thomas
GreenwoodJohn1825Huddersfield St Peter
Pogson Fanny 1930Bradley St Thomas
GreenwoodMary1841Huddersfield St Peter
Brown William 1888Bradley St Thomas
ClayJohn1807Huddersfield St Peter
Brown Ann 1893Bradley St Thomas
ClayGeorge1843Huddersfield St Peter
Fisher Edwin 1938Bradley St Thomas
ClaySarah1852Huddersfield St Peter
Fisher Sarah Ann 1945Bradley St Thomas
ClaySarah Ann 1852Huddersfield St Peter
Fisher Clara ???? Bradley St Thomas
RadfordThomas1819Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson Sarah Ann 1875Bradley St Thomas
RadfordElizabeth1821Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson Henry 1888Bradley St Thomas
RadfordJohn1821Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson Ann 1901Bradley St Thomas
RadfordJessy1831Huddersfield St Peter
Stoney Joshua 1882Bradley St Thomas
RadfordWilliam1847Huddersfield St Peter
Stoney Hannah 1895Bradley St Thomas
OutramHannah1850Huddersfield St Peter
Stoney Betty 1898Bradley St Thomas
OutramHiram1850Huddersfield St Peter
Stoney John Mellor 1906Bradley St Thomas
OutramBenjamin1853Huddersfield St Peter
Hirst George 1882Bradley St Thomas
OutramElizabeth1862Huddersfield St Peter
Hirst Charlotte 1894Bradley St Thomas
OutramMary Ann 1864Huddersfield St Peter
Hirst Henry 1896Bradley St Thomas
BradleyGrace1835Huddersfield St Peter
Brearley Eliza 1884Bradley St Thomas
BradleyUnnamed Daughter Huddersfield St Peter
Brearley John 1888Bradley St Thomas
BradleyUnnamed Daughter Huddersfield St Peter
Brearley Eliza 1892Bradley St Thomas
BradleyUnnamed Son Huddersfield St Peter
West Sophia 1901Bradley St Thomas
BradleyThomas1837Huddersfield St Peter
West Alfred 1953Bradley St Thomas
BradleyBenjamin1837Huddersfield St Peter
West Kezia 1949Bradley St Thomas
BradleyFrances1838Huddersfield St Peter
Addy John 1953Bradley St Thomas
ClayBetty1821Huddersfield St Peter
Addy Nancy 1934Bradley St Thomas
TunnicliffeHannah1831Huddersfield St Peter
Addy Harry 1938Bradley St Thomas
DysonWilliam1838Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Annie 1909Bradley St Thomas
DysonMary1847Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Marmaduke 1923Bradley St Thomas
RobinsonEliza Bunyan 1821Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Annie ???? Bradley St Thomas
RobinsonJames Henry 1825Huddersfield St Peter
Gibson John 1902Bradley St Thomas
RobinsonRobert Thomas 1873Huddersfield St Peter
Gibson Hannah 1877Bradley St Thomas
BoothEsther1827Huddersfield St Peter
Smith Caroline 1880Bradley St Thomas
BoothEllen1832Huddersfield St Peter
Smith Abraham 1882Bradley St Thomas
BoothEnoch1838Huddersfield St Peter
Westerman Samuel 1883Bradley St Thomas
HaywoodJoseph1834Huddersfield St Peter
Westerman Emma 1901Bradley St Thomas
ListerJohn1850Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson Frank 1912Bradley St Thomas
AyrtonMary1840Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson William 1931Bradley St Thomas
AyrtonAnn1841Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson Mary Jane 1940Bradley St Thomas
WinterSarah1823Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson Bertha 1883Bradley St Thomas
WinterGeorge Henry 1824Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson Mary 1954Bradley St Thomas
WinterMary Greenwood 1830Huddersfield St Peter
Schofield Mary 1884Bradley St Thomas
WinterThomas1835Huddersfield St Peter
Schofield Henry 1885Bradley St Thomas
WinterRebecca1835Huddersfield St Peter
Schofield Hannah Elizabeth 1892Bradley St Thomas
WinterRachel1835Huddersfield St Peter
Schofield Emma Jane 1914Bradley St Thomas
WinterThomas1844Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Richard 1941Bradley St Thomas
WinterHannah G 1849Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Susannah Rosalie 1938Bradley St Thomas
WhiteheadThomas1821Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Joseph 1906Bradley St Thomas
WhiteheadMary1834Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Eliza 1890Bradley St Thomas
WhiteheadThomas1845Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson George 1890Bradley St Thomas
WhiteheadJane1845Huddersfield St Peter
Jackson Sarah Hannah 1921Bradley St Thomas
BurleyMary Weston 1829Huddersfield St Peter
Clarke William 1920Bradley St Thomas
BurleyHodgson1851Huddersfield St Peter
Akroyd Kezia 1944Bradley St Thomas
LearoydSophia1828Huddersfield St Peter
Akroyd Joe 1948Bradley St Thomas
LearoydWalter1843Huddersfield St Peter
Hopwood John 1891Bradley St Thomas
McKenzieThomas1829Huddersfield St Peter
Hopwood Walter 1942Bradley St Thomas
McKenzieCharlotte1841Huddersfield St Peter
Hopwood Hannah 1924Bradley St Thomas
McKenzieWilliam1862Huddersfield St Peter
Hopwood Martha Alice 1894Bradley St Thomas
HoltJohn McKenzie 1861Huddersfield St Peter
Senior  Mary Ann 1893Bradley St Thomas
TurnerElizabeth1844Huddersfield St Peter
Wright John 1898Bradley St Thomas
TurnerJames1845Huddersfield St Peter
Booth Elizabeth 1956Bradley St Thomas
TurnerCharles1853Huddersfield St Peter
Booth Ralph Thomas 1940Bradley St Thomas
TyneJames1846Huddersfield St Peter
Booth Alice Irene Bradley St Thomas
TurnerLuke1835Huddersfield St Peter
Booth Hannah Mildred Bradley St Thomas
TurnerMargaret1841Huddersfield St Peter
Pickering  John 1900Bradley St Thomas
WilkinsonMary1850Huddersfield St Peter
Pickering Ann 1894Bradley St Thomas
WilkinsonJohn1864Huddersfield St Peter
Pickering Hannah Bradley St Thomas
BatesMary1827Huddersfield St Peter
Pickering John Bradley St Thomas
BatesJoshua1841Huddersfield St Peter
Pickering James Bradley St Thomas
JowittSarah1809Huddersfield St Peter
Pickering Lucy Bradley St Thomas
JowittMary1809Huddersfield St Peter
Poole Tom 1935Bradley St Thomas
JowittDavid Thomas 1815Huddersfield St Peter
Poole Emma 1926Bradley St Thomas
TaskerMary Jane 1836Huddersfield St Peter
Abel Ellen 1930Bradley St Thomas
JowittJohn1838Huddersfield St Peter
Abel Thomas 1937Bradley St Thomas
TaskerEllen1848Huddersfield St Peter
Abel Lilian 1894Bradley St Thomas
TaskerEmma1848Huddersfield St Peter
Abel Ethel 1906Bradley St Thomas
TaskerBetsy1848Huddersfield St Peter
Booth James 1918Bradley St Thomas
HaighHannah1848Huddersfield St Peter
Booth Mary 1919Bradley St Thomas
HaighSamuel1851Huddersfield St Peter
Tunnacliffe Wilson 1927Bradley St Thomas
WilsonJames1828Huddersfield St Peter
Tunnacliffe Laura 1892Bradley St Thomas
SwiftMartha1825Huddersfield St Peter
Tunnacliffe Ada 1960Bradley St Thomas
SwiftJohn1846Huddersfield St Peter
Whittaker Joseph 1905Bradley St Thomas
SmithJane1834Huddersfield St Peter
Whittaker Hannah 1893Bradley St Thomas
SmithMary1841Huddersfield St Peter
Whittaker Joe 1910Bradley St Thomas
SmithWilliam1841Huddersfield St Peter
Whittaker Sarah 1919Bradley St Thomas
SmithMartha1853Huddersfield St Peter
Briggs Will 1906Bradley St Thomas
SmithEliza1884Huddersfield St Peter
Briggs Sarah Mary 1924Bradley St Thomas
SmithAnn1825Huddersfield St Peter
Dyson Thomas 1937Bradley St Thomas
SmithThomas1831Huddersfield St Peter
Dyson Sarah 1931Bradley St Thomas
SmithGeorge1833Huddersfield St Peter
Dyson Sykes 1893Bradley St Thomas
SmithCharles1836Huddersfield St Peter
Haigh John 1894Bradley St Thomas
WilsonWilliam Fox 1822Huddersfield St Peter
Haigh Martha Walker 1904Bradley St Thomas
WilsonSusannah1831Huddersfield St Peter
Haigh Thomas 1934Bradley St Thomas
WilsonJames1844Huddersfield St Peter
Garside Thomas 1895Bradley St Thomas
WilsonHanna 1848Huddersfield St Peter
Garside Annie 1922Bradley St Thomas
WilsonWilliam1849Huddersfield St Peter
Garside Mary 1926Bradley St Thomas
MilnesJohn1824Huddersfield St Peter
Garside Joe Harry 1933Bradley St Thomas
MilnesSarah1828Huddersfield St Peter
Hirst Emily Jane 1928Bradley St Thomas
MilnesSarah Ann 1831Huddersfield St Peter
Hirst Fred 1934Bradley St Thomas
MilnesClayton1883Huddersfield St Peter
Hirst Alfred Bradley St Thomas
MilnesJohn1833Huddersfield St Peter
Hirst Herbert 1917Bradley St Thomas
MilnesMariaHuddersfield St Peter
Hirst Elsie Bradley St Thomas
SugdenGeorge1820Huddersfield St Peter
Knapton Annie 1945Bradley St Thomas
SugdenElizabeth1820Huddersfield St Peter
Crawshaw Evelyn 1923Bradley St Thomas
SugdenWilliam1820Huddersfield St Peter
France Elliot 1895Bradley St Thomas
SugdenSarah1820Huddersfield St Peter
Spence William 1906Bradley St Thomas
SugdenJoseph1823Huddersfield St Peter
Spence Mary 1865Bradley St Thomas
SugdenJoseph1855Huddersfield St Peter
Spence Annie 1898Bradley St Thomas
SugdenEllenHuddersfield St Peter
Spence George 1895Bradley St Thomas
HayleyEleanor1847Huddersfield St Peter
Spence Ann Elizabeth Bradley St Thomas
HayleyTom1852Huddersfield St Peter
Spence Emily Bradley St Thomas
HayleyThomas1860Huddersfield St Peter
Wood  John 1934Bradley St Thomas
LucasGeorge1845Huddersfield St Peter
Wood Ruth Ann 1956Bradley St Thomas
LucasElizabeth1847Huddersfield St Peter
Wood Sarah Alice Bradley St Thomas
PriestJohn1825Huddersfield St Peter
Mitchell Sarah 1895Bradley St Thomas
FavellJohn Priest 1827Huddersfield St Peter
Nutter Elizabeth 1898Bradley St Thomas
FavellElizabeth1828Huddersfield St Peter
Sugden Gladys May 1897Bradley St Thomas
FavellWilliam1839Huddersfield St Peter
Oswin William 1930Bradley St Thomas
PriestMary1862Huddersfield St Peter
Oswin Emma 1938Bradley St Thomas
KnightJohn1823Huddersfield St Peter
Oswin Arthur Bradley St Thomas
BurtonJoseph1836Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Samual 1908Bradley St Thomas
IliffeMary1849Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Gerald North 1896Bradley St Thomas
IliffeMarthaHuddersfield St Peter
Marshall Joseph 1936Bradley St Thomas
IliffeThomasHuddersfield St Peter
Marshall Elizabeth Hannah 1951Bradley St Thomas
IliffeAnnHuddersfield St Peter
Brooke Albert 1896Bradley St Thomas
IliffeRichard1852Huddersfield St Peter
Brooke Sarah Elizabeth 1917Bradley St Thomas
IliffeRichardHuddersfield St Peter
Brook Bramley 1900Bradley St Thomas
OakesCharles1830Huddersfield St Peter
Mellor John Fielding 1896Bradley St Thomas
OakesAnne1836Huddersfield St Peter
Mellor Jane 1903Bradley St Thomas
OakesJohn1858Huddersfield St Peter
Stoney Law 1922Bradley St Thomas
OakesSamuel1875Huddersfield St Peter
Sugden Zaccheus 1919Bradley St Thomas
PriestJoseph1828Huddersfield St Peter
Sugden Alice 1930Bradley St Thomas
PriestJohn1835Huddersfield St Peter
Sugden Charlotte Elizabeth 1952Bradley St Thomas
PriestEmma Elizabeth 1839Huddersfield St Peter
Haigh Elizabeth 1896Bradley St Thomas
PriestJohn1864Huddersfield St Peter
Haigh Joseph 1910Bradley St Thomas
PriestMary1872Huddersfield St Peter
Haigh  William 1902Bradley St Thomas
SteadSamuel Carr 1831Huddersfield St Peter
Holmes Frances Ann 1927Bradley St Thomas
SteadBenjamin1837Huddersfield St Peter
Holmes John 1933Bradley St Thomas
SteadJames Carr 1844Huddersfield St Peter
Holroyd Israel 1937Bradley St Thomas
SteadEleanor1875Huddersfield St Peter
Holroyd Sarah Jane 1943Bradley St Thomas
FlocktonCatherine1830Huddersfield St Peter
Holroyd Hilda 1897Bradley St Thomas
FlocktonEliza1830Huddersfield St Peter
Sugden Lenard 1909Bradley St Thomas
FlocktonAnna Maria 1835Huddersfield St Peter
Sugden Sarah 1925Bradley St Thomas
FlocktonLouisa1835Huddersfield St Peter
Robinson Tom 1910Bradley St Thomas
FlocktonFrederick1836Huddersfield St Peter
Robinson Mary Jane 1936Bradley St Thomas
FlocktonEdward1837Huddersfield St Peter
Bell Alexander 1908Bradley St Thomas
ReidJames1821Huddersfield St Peter
Bell Annis 1898Bradley St Thomas
ReidWilliam1830Huddersfield St Peter
Berry Harry 1908Bradley St Thomas
ReidSarah1830Huddersfield St Peter
Berry Fred 1917Bradley St Thomas
ReidRobert1834Huddersfield St Peter
Oddy Ruth 1936Bradley St Thomas
ReidHenry1843Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Fanny Radcliffe 1906Bradley St Thomas
ReidGeorge1856Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Mark 1923Bradley St Thomas
ReidMargaret1863Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Maud Alberta 1892Bradley St Thomas
SykesBenjamin1833Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Reginald 1931Bradley St Thomas
SykesEdward1847Huddersfield St Peter
Fleetwood Ephraim 1899Bradley St Thomas
SykesDavid Thomas 1853Huddersfield St Peter
Fleetwood Martha 1927Bradley St Thomas
FosterAnn Hawkins 1829Huddersfield St Peter
Fleetwood Taylor 1932Bradley St Thomas
BeaumontWilliam Ness 1829Huddersfield St Peter
Fleetwood George 1942Bradley St Thomas
BeaumontAda1843Huddersfield St Peter
Fleetwood Emily 1951Bradley St Thomas
BeaumontTom1843Huddersfield St Peter
Hudson Geoffery 1935Bradley St Thomas
BeaumontElizabeth1880Huddersfield St Peter
Hudson Annie Eliza 1945Bradley St Thomas
HarrisonAnn1821Huddersfield St Peter
Hudson Fred 1918Bradley St Thomas
NaylorJoseph1829Huddersfield St Peter
Stokes William 1899Bradley St Thomas
NaylorElizabeth1834Huddersfield St Peter
Stokes Bertha 1970Bradley St Thomas
SpiveySarah1831Huddersfield St Peter
Stokes Frances 1924Bradley St Thomas
SpiveyMary1839Huddersfield St Peter
Stokes Edith 1875Bradley St Thomas
SpiveyJohn1852Huddersfield St Peter
Stokes Lilian 1909Bradley St Thomas
BurmanJames1844Huddersfield St Peter
Topping Fanny 1979Bradley St Thomas
BurmanMargaret1846Huddersfield St Peter
Pogson Sarah 1902Bradley St Thomas
BoothHenry1842Huddersfield St Peter
Pogson Rachael 1910Bradley St Thomas
KayeAnn1823Huddersfield St Peter
Dawson Sarah 1928Bradley St Thomas
KayeChristiana1839Huddersfield St Peter
Dawson John 1933Bradley St Thomas
KayeWilliam1853Huddersfield St Peter
Dawson Alice 1901Bradley St Thomas
HirstElizabeth1772Huddersfield St Peter
Oddy Mary Alice 1911Bradley St Thomas
HirstThomas1777Huddersfield St Peter
Oddy Joseph 1940Bradley St Thomas
HirstBetty1786Huddersfield St Peter
Oddy Tom 1917Bradley St Thomas
HirstMartha1786Huddersfield St Peter
Carter  Jim 1916Bradley St Thomas
HirstJohn1791Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Emily 1956Bradley St Thomas
HirstJohn1795Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Wilfred 1901Bradley St Thomas
HaighFrancis1811Huddersfield St Peter
Holmes Harry 1940Bradley St Thomas
HaighBetty1787Huddersfield St Peter
Holmes Gertrude Mary 1956Bradley St Thomas
HaighMartha1780Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Fanny 1946Bradley St Thomas
HaighHannah1790Huddersfield St Peter
Hanson Joseph 1901Bradley St Thomas
HaighBenjamin1794Huddersfield St Peter
Hanson Mary Beaumont 1909Bradley St Thomas
HaighFrancis1801Huddersfield St Peter
Jessop David 1902Bradley St Thomas
StockThomas1847Huddersfield St Peter
Jessop Hephzibah 1902Bradley St Thomas
StockSarah1869Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Charles 1902Bradley St Thomas
StockJoseph1871Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Alfred French Bradley St Thomas
StockJoe William 1875Huddersfield St Peter
Walker Annie 1908Bradley St Thomas
BroadbentCharlotte1824Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Herbert Henry 1936Bradley St Thomas
BroadbentJonathan Hopkinson 1828Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Elizabeth 1942Bradley St Thomas
BroadbentMary1847Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Sarah 1948Bradley St Thomas
BroadbentCharles1850Huddersfield St Peter
Swallow Benjamin Bradley St Thomas
BroadbentReuben1866Huddersfield St Peter
Swallow Hannah Maria Bradley St Thomas
KershawThomas1850Huddersfield St Peter
Sykes William Terry 1903Bradley St Thomas
HorsfallWilliam1826Huddersfield St Peter
Sykes Martha Jane 1908Bradley St Thomas
HorsfallMary1837Huddersfield St Peter
Broadbent Zilpha 1903Bradley St Thomas
HorsfallWilliam1849Huddersfield St Peter
Broadbent Albert 1940Bradley St Thomas
BeaumontSarah Ann 1829Huddersfield St Peter
Broadbent Selina 1927Bradley St Thomas
BeaumontCarlino1829Huddersfield St Peter
Sykes Ann 1933Bradley St Thomas
BeaumontHenry1836Huddersfield St Peter
Sykes John Richard 1939Bradley St Thomas
BeaumontWalter1858Huddersfield St Peter
Sykes Edward 1903Bradley St Thomas
PeakerThomas1794Huddersfield St Peter
Sykes John Ewart 1957Bradley St Thomas
PeakerJames1810Huddersfield St Peter
Sykes Laura Gertrude 1966Bradley St Thomas
HurstSamuel1831Huddersfield St Peter
Robertshaw Emma 1941Bradley St Thomas
PeakerSarah1833Huddersfield St Peter
Robertshaw J Harry 1955Bradley St Thomas
PeakerAnn1834Huddersfield St Peter
Alpin Mary Elizabeth 1902Bradley St Thomas
PeakerRichard1845Huddersfield St Peter
Beaumont Herbert 1939Bradley St Thomas
MealTom1836Huddersfield St Peter
Beaumont Emily 1940Bradley St Thomas
MealJohn1836Huddersfield St Peter
Sharp Elizabeth Ann 1953Bradley St Thomas
MealBettyHuddersfield St Peter
Sharp Arthur 1963Bradley St Thomas
MealJane1841Huddersfield St Peter
Sharp Violet 1967Bradley St Thomas
KayeJoseph1827Huddersfield St Peter
Pogson William Henry 1907Bradley St Thomas
KayeHannah1828Huddersfield St Peter
Pogson Emily 1950Bradley St Thomas
BrookJohn1828Huddersfield St Peter
Pogson Ernest 1936Bradley St Thomas
BrookBetty1833Huddersfield St Peter
Pogson Frances 1915Bradley St Thomas
PearsonMary1827Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Albert 1907Bradley St Thomas
PearsonJoseph1853Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Hilda 1945Bradley St Thomas
PearsonMary1869Huddersfield St Peter
Ellis Ruth Ann 1908Bradley St Thomas
SchofieldHenry1835Huddersfield St Peter
Ellis Armitage 1952Bradley St Thomas
SchofieldSarah1849Huddersfield St Peter
Ellis Ann 1918Bradley St Thomas
StarkeyRuth1835Huddersfield St Peter
Ellis Emily 1939Bradley St Thomas
StarkeyGeorge1853Huddersfield St Peter
Williams Thomas Alfred 1908Bradley St Thomas
StarkeyMary1861Huddersfield St Peter
Williams Clara Annie 1928Bradley St Thomas
ClaytonNancy1844Huddersfield St Peter
Williams Elizabeth Agnes 1944Bradley St Thomas
ClaytonThomas1858Huddersfield St Peter
Williams Jack 1917Bradley St Thomas
TaylorJames1829Huddersfield St Peter
Earnshaw A 1918Bradley St Thomas
BainesWilliam1830Huddersfield St Peter
Ellis Fred 1920Bradley St Thomas
BainesEllen1833Huddersfield St Peter
Ellis Fanny 1950Bradley St Thomas
BainesGeorge1836Huddersfield St Peter
Ellis Hildred 1909Bradley St Thomas
BainesHarriet1846Huddersfield St Peter
Leader Albert John 1938Bradley St Thomas
BainesEmma1846Huddersfield St Peter
Leader Florance Bradley St Thomas
TaylorMary1851Huddersfield St Peter
Badrock Joseph 1965Bradley St Thomas
PollardJohn1814Huddersfield St Peter
Badrock Kathleen 1967Bradley St Thomas
PollardMeable1821Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Hugh 1910Bradley St Thomas
PollardJohn1823Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Hannah 1939Bradley St Thomas
OgdenJames????Huddersfield St Peter
Carter Dyson 1918Bradley St Thomas
HolroydJohn Samuel 1830Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Artur 1911Bradley St Thomas
HolroydJohn1837Huddersfield St Peter
Brook  Emily 1929Bradley St Thomas
HolroydElizabeth1848Huddersfield St Peter
Mitchell Elizabeth 1950Bradley St Thomas
HirstRichard1830Huddersfield St Peter
Brook John 1911Bradley St Thomas
HirstHenry Armitage 1843Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Joseph 1925Bradley St Thomas
HollandHenry1846Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Mary Ellen 1942Bradley St Thomas
HoyleEllen1852Huddersfield St Peter
Appleby Charles 1914Bradley St Thomas
HoyleWilliam Henry 1852Huddersfield St Peter
Appleby Charles Leslie 1912Bradley St Thomas
OgdenMary1831Huddersfield St Peter
Ellis Sam William 1923Bradley St Thomas
OgdenEdward Aspinall 1840Huddersfield St Peter
Ellis Ann 1933Bradley St Thomas
OgdenElizabeth1847Huddersfield St Peter
Ellis Harriet Ann 1928Bradley St Thomas
OgdenSamuel1864Huddersfield St Peter
Jones William 1915Bradley St Thomas
StansfieldEli1831Huddersfield St Peter
Candler Frank 1918Bradley St Thomas
StansfieldSarah1831Huddersfield St Peter
Candler Cant 1927Bradley St Thomas
StansfieldThomas1861Huddersfield St Peter
Candler Sarah 1929Bradley St Thomas
StansfieldChristiana1868Huddersfield St Peter
Candler Wilfred [1913]Bradley St Thomas
GreenwoodThomas1831Huddersfield St Peter
Armitage Joe 1914Bradley St Thomas
GreenwoodJaneHuddersfield St Peter
Armitage Harry 1915Bradley St Thomas
GreenwoodElizabethHuddersfield St Peter
Armitage William 1936Bradley St Thomas
BoothJames1796Huddersfield St Peter
Armitage Ann Elizabeth 1943Bradley St Thomas
BoothJohn1836Huddersfield St Peter
Booth Annie 1938Bradley St Thomas
BoothElizabeth1856Huddersfield St Peter
Booth Firth 1915Bradley St Thomas
BoothJames1883Huddersfield St Peter
Booth Stella 1951Bradley St Thomas
CoatesJohn1823Huddersfield St Peter
Haigh Henry 1915Bradley St Thomas
CoatesMary1830Huddersfield St Peter
Haigh Fredrick 1955Bradley St Thomas
WilkinsonMatthew1688Huddersfield St Peter
Haigh Mary Ann 1952Bradley St Thomas
HirstHenry1791Huddersfield St Peter
Coupland John Richard 1947Bradley St Thomas
HirstJoseph1827Huddersfield St Peter
Coupland Mary Elizabeth 1967Bradley St Thomas
AllisonRachel1813Huddersfield St Peter
Coupland Dora May 1915Bradley St Thomas
AllisonJohn1847Huddersfield St Peter
Coupland John Stephen Bradley St Thomas
AllisonJohn1851Huddersfield St Peter
Ellis Harriet Anne 1916Bradley St Thomas
AllisonElizabeth1874Huddersfield St Peter
Williams William Henry 1915Bradley St Thomas
FisherJoseph1735Huddersfield St Peter
Williams George Frederick 1951Bradley St Thomas
FisherSarahHuddersfield St Peter
Ellis Edith 1929Bradley St Thomas
FisherGeorge1770Huddersfield St Peter
Ellis Harry 1944Bradley St Thomas
FisherGeorge1778Huddersfield St Peter
Thornton France 1920Bradley St Thomas
ArmitageSarah1784Huddersfield St Peter
Thornton Mary Ann 1920Bradley St Thomas
ArmitageSarah1795Huddersfield St Peter
Boothroyd  Edgar 1930Bradley St Thomas
ArmitageJoseph1801Huddersfield St Peter
Boothroyd Eveline 1957Bradley St Thomas
ArmitageMartha1819Huddersfield St Peter
Haigh Frederick 1917Bradley St Thomas
ArmitageThomas1826Huddersfield St Peter
Haigh Emily 1947Bradley St Thomas
ArmitageWilliam1832Huddersfield St Peter
Haigh Herbert 1917Bradley St Thomas
ArmitageMary1836Huddersfield St Peter
Haigh Joe 1918Bradley St Thomas
ArmitageNanny1839Huddersfield St Peter
Hardaker Ann 1922Bradley St Thomas
ArmitageGeorge1846Huddersfield St Peter
Hardaker Mark 1919Bradley St Thomas
CookJonathan1738Huddersfield St Peter
Hardaker Mark 1925Bradley St Thomas
DysonHannah1794Huddersfield St Peter
Littlewood Harry 1945Bradley St Thomas
DysonJames1804Huddersfield St Peter
Littlewood Mary Ann 1947Bradley St Thomas
DysonElizabethHuddersfield St Peter
Littlewood Harry 1918Bradley St Thomas
HeronSarah1840Huddersfield St Peter
Booth Emily E 1920Bradley St Thomas
HeronHenry Francis 1857Huddersfield St Peter
Booth Frank 1934Bradley St Thomas
BrookRichard1762Huddersfield St Peter
Booth Beatrice 1962Bradley St Thomas
BrookThomas1783Huddersfield St Peter
Morris George 1936Bradley St Thomas
BrookElizabeth1800Huddersfield St Peter
Morris George Herbert 1912Bradley St Thomas
BrookRobert1813Huddersfield St Peter
Morris Edith Mary 1920Bradley St Thomas
BrookMary Leah 1864Huddersfield St Peter
Colbeck Ivy 1935Bradley St Thomas
BrookThomas1876Huddersfield St Peter
Morris Charles Stanley 1944Bradley St Thomas
BrookJames William 1880Huddersfield St Peter
Lodge Emma 1920Bradley St Thomas
BrookMary????Huddersfield St Peter
Lodge Joe Oldroyd 1943Bradley St Thomas
BrookElizabeth????Huddersfield St Peter
Lodge Norman Percy 1917Bradley St Thomas
DobsonRichard1804Huddersfield St Peter
Lockwood Charlotte 1939Bradley St Thomas
SykesHenry1804Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Allan 1955Bradley St Thomas
DobsonJohn1818Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Alice 1920Bradley St Thomas
DobsonSarah1825Huddersfield St Peter
Standish Alice 1937Bradley St Thomas
JacombEmma Maria Wilhelmina 1851Huddersfield St Peter
Standish Robert Bancroft 1960Bradley St Thomas
JacombWilliam1868Huddersfield St Peter
Latham William 1940Bradley St Thomas
MarshallThomas1853Huddersfield St Peter
Latham Alice 1948Bradley St Thomas
MarshallHannah1832Huddersfield St Peter
Brook Hannah 1925Bradley St Thomas
KayeAnn1858Huddersfield St Peter
Kershaw Robert Burns 1922Bradley St Thomas